Brussels suicide attacks:Massive hunt begins for Islamic State attackers

Belgian police  began massive hunt for terrorists after Islamic State claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks at Brussels airport and a metro train, killing around 35 people and wounding hundreds .

Two massive suicide blasts by men with bombs in their bags hit Zaventem Airport creating panic and reminding Europe that jihadists are still present  to infuse fear among people .

Belgian authorities released pictures  of two of the suspects pushing trolleys with their bombs through the terminal at Zaventem airport  and said they were “actively searching” for a third whose explosives did not to go off.

Police issued a wanted notice for a young man in a hat who was caught on CCTV pushing a laden luggage trolley at Zaventem airport.

Police helicopters hovered over the city throughoutnight  and terror raids  are underway across Belgium, prosecutors said, adding that a bomb, an Islamic State flag and chemicals had been found in one apartment.

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