Brussels attacks show terror has no borders,says Hezbollah

Radical Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah on Tuesday deplored the deadly Brussels bombings and blamed hardline Sunni Islamists for exporting terrorism from Syria and the Middle East to Europe.

“The fire that is blazing throughout the world, particularly in Europe is that same one that has been lit in Syria and other countries in the region,” its political wing said in a statement.

The statement blamed the Brussels attacks on “Takfiri” terrorists, a reference to ultra-extremist Sunni Muslims. It expressed “complete solidarity with innocent people in general, and Belgium and its people during their harsh plight”.

Hezbollah accused some nations of funding hardline jihadist groups and of “providing support and protection to countries that are harbouring terrorists” and called for “clear and transparent” regional and international cooperation to fight terrorism.

“Remaining silent over this issue is a major sin and it will only lead to more death, killings, and destruction,” it said.

At least 34 people were killed and some 200 injured in coordinated bomb attacks on Brussels’ main airport and the subway. One of the two airport blasts is believed to have been a suicide bombing.

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