BRICS summit puts India in embarrassing situation by issuing declaration on China’s terms

BRICS summit

BRICS summit was supposed to address India’s growing concerns on cross-border terrorism instead the 109 paragraph summit declaration addressed the threats posed to both China and Russia. This shows China’s growing economic and strategic influence in Asia , Africa and South America .

India has still not been able to raise independent voice in the international arena as is clear from the BRICS declaration in Goa where both China and Russia blocked India’s attempt to include JeM and Lashkar-e-Taiba responsible for Uri and Pathankot terror strikes rather mentioned only the Islamic State and Jabhat al –Nusra an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria both of which are threats to Moscow and Beijing .

Moreover Prime Minister Narendra Modi is grossly misguiding India with lies as he stated in the concluding speech at Goa that BRICS member states agreed that those who nurture, support and sponsor terror or sponsor such forces of violence are as much a threat to us as the terrorists themselves but the entire declaration does not contain any such reference to these three words “nurture, support and sponsor”.

The misconception that was created during SAARC that PM Modi emerged successful in his diplomacy in isolating Pakistan on terrorism has been further confirmed as for the first time a foreign country like China and Russia forced India to issue a declaration on their terms on Indian soil.

China after replacing Japan as the second largest economy in the world is now displaying economic power presence in Asia by providing aids and investments to too many countries .While Modi and his ministers are seen continuously engaged in patting their own backs on projecting military power across its borders having carried out surgical strikes .

These types of campaigns by PM Modi during SAARC, BRICS and elsewhere have done disservice to India’s interest and only benefitted Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif in international forums as Russian president Vladimir Putin made no mention of terrorism emanating from Pakistan while Chinese President Xi Jinping defended Pakistan saying “It is imperative that we step up coordination and communication on major international issues and regional hotspots and act in concert to find political solution to hotspot issues and take on such global challenges like natural disasters, diesases and terrorism.While speaking with one voice,we should also address issues on the ground with concrete efforts and multi-pronged approach that addresses both symptoms and root causes.”

Xi uttering “political solution “ root cause” in the context of terrorism reflects the argument of Pakistan on the Kashmir conflict.

Modi is misleading nation that his diplomacy is paying higher dividends to India rather it is putting our country in embarrassing situations when foreign country compels Indian government on India’s soil to change the contents of the agreement or declaration that makes a bad precedent .

Even the world power United States is not in favor of any harsh action against Pakistan because Pakistan has suffered four military coups and an instable Pakistan is not in the interest of this region .

The most important point is growing alliance and influence of China-Russia group after US and European Union imposed sanctions on Moscow and the ISIS which are being eliminated form Iraq and Syria are now congregating in Afghanistan and which are likely to spill over to Central Asian Republics and China which is suffering at the moment from the Uighurs movement in the majority –Muslim Xinxiang province that borders central Asia for which Pakistan is considered as the only country who can help in controlling jihadists .

Recently Taliban have overrun Kunduz forcing President Ashraf Ghani restart secret peace talks with Afghani Taliban and in the Gulf state of Qatar brokered by Pakistan .And India which is now officially designated as US ally alongwith Japan is not in the picture for fighting global terror outfit Islamic state.India should create its own space in the world as all powers need Pakistan’s help to control jihadists.

arti bali

By Arti Bali
Senior Journalist
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