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Breathtaking road routes in India

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Kashmir, 18 April: Roads are meant to take us to our destination but there are many breathtaking routes which often led to the death bed to travelers due to various reasons.

Whether it is weather condition or topography, many times travelers loose control in these tracks which are like “Highway to Hell”.

Here are the top hilarious and thrilling road routes that are seriously dangerous due to their extreme locations in the mountains and remote terrains or forests.
1. Ladakh and KashmirLadakhThis is no doubt a real heaven on earth, the route which begins from Manali via Ladakh and passes through Kashmir is one of the most exciting motorcycling routes in the world. The route passes through high mountain passes and the steep valleys, one of the highest motorable roads in the world (Khardung La).
The intense atmosphere, the rich Buddhist culture and a feeling of being in heaven, makes one’s ride a lifetime experience.
While planning a ride here, one is spoilt for choice. The Khardung La top, the sand dunes of Nubra Valley, the path along the Zanskar river in Zanskar valley, the Buddhist monasteries of Lamayuru, the high altitude lakes like Pangong Tso, the beautiful city of Srinagar, they all look equally worth visiting.

The Best time to travel here is April to August.

2. Spiti ValleySpiti ValleyThe Spiti Valley route in east of Himachal Pradesh which is not so far from Ladakh, but it is not that much known as the previous route. However the route takes us to the beautiful landsape and awe-inspiring roads. The Hindustan-Tibet highway is the road that leads into Spiti valley and it surely makes your adrenalin keeps flowing on the ride.

This travelling on this way takes us the highest villages of the world. While Kaza, Tabo, Spiti and Pin valley make up for the real wilderness and inhabitant world, the Baspa and Kinnaur areas are worth mesmerising with eye-catching apricot and apple orchards added with Satluj river views and snow-capped mountain peaks in the background.
Best season to go: April to October

3. Zoji la Pass

Zoji la pasZoji La Pass, which is at an height of 3,538 mt above sea level is one of the most dangerous mountain pass in the India. The pass is traversed on the important Srinagar-Leh Highway.

The road is very narrow and also gets muddy during rains and becomes impassible during or after heavy downpours. The heavy snowfall, violent winds and frequent landslides make it one of the difficult passes in the Himalayas.

Best time to go: April to August
4. Rohtang PassZoji la pasRohtang Pass is at an altitude of 3,979 mt above sea level and is located on the eastern Pir Panjal range of Himalayas. The path is about 53 km from Manali and is crossed by Leh-Manali Highway. It joins the Kullu valley with the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti.

Rohtang which means ‘Ground of Corpses’ itself suggests the dangers of travelling via this way. The pass encounters huge inevitable traffic jams and is usually open from May to November. The route could be closed for infinite time due to heavy snow fall with constant sliding of hills and rain, the road gets covered with slush.

Best season to go: April to October

5. Nathu La PassNathu_LaNathula Pass is a mountain pass in Eastern Sikkim, on the Indo-Chinese border that is the trade link between India and China. Nathula Pass nestles at an top of 14,140 ft and ranks amongst the highest passes accessible by tourists via motorable road. Nathu means “Listening ears” whereas La means “Pass”.The Old Silk Route through Lhasa, Sikkim and Eastern India used to cross through Nathula Pass.

This mountainous pass is one of the oldest trading border posts joining Tibet and India. The Nathula Pass is marked by Entrance gates of both countries (India and China) and military bunkers on both sides of the gates. On the Indian side, we will see some fortified military bunkers, a war memorial, an army exhibition centre, a military canteen serving hot tea and fresh snacks to tourists.

Best season to go: May to mid November

6. Khardung La PassKhardungThe place which is already covered space in Guinness book of world records, Khardung La pass is the highest motor-able road in the world. Local inhabitants claim that its actual height is 5,602 mt while its actual height is 5,359 mt above sea level. It is situated in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir State in India.

These roads are not paved and are slippery due to the frozen ice and dirt mix. The road has a narrow trail with deep valleys on one side. There are steep drops along the entire route and weather conditions. At times, might make harsh conditions.

Best season to go: April to October

7. MeghalayaMeghalayaThe ride through the wettest place on the plane is a mix of unique culture, extremely pretty women, some of the highest waterfalls in the country, the cleanest village in India and the living root bridges of Nongriat. The drive from Assam to Meghalaya to the wettest place in the world is enthralling with deep ravines on the road throughout, great pin turns and dangerous slopes.

Best Season to go: October to February

8. Kolli HillsKolli hillsThis route’s important point is 70 continuous hairpin bends. The Kolli hills or also infamously called as the mountains of death is one of the best routes for edge of the seat ride. This hill station, which is in Tamil Nadu, on the Eastern Ghats is worth visiting for its tropical climate, famous waterfall called Agaya Gangai and the old Shiva temple. This route is dangerous but yet thrilling and makes for an ideal ride from Bangalore.

Best season to go: All year around

9. Chalakudy (Kerala) – Pollachi (Tamilnadu) RoutevalanThis is one the best monsoon ride in the country. This route goes through the beautiful rain forests of the Western Ghats starting from Chalakudy in Kerala, heading west beside the Chalakudy river via Athirapally-Puliyilapara-Malakkapara-Sholayar-Valparai- Aliyar and finally reaching Pollachi in Tamilnadu, across the western ghats. The famous Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls are on this route.

This pass connecting Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerala is covered with some of the best cloud forests, tropical rainforests and evergreen forests in the country.

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Make your eyes standout this festive season



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New Delhi, Dec 13: Work around your eyes to make a style statement in the festive season. Opt for bright coloured kohl pencils for the day time and invest in good eyelash extensions as they instantly brighten and define eyes, making the face appear younger, suggest experts.

Elton Fernandez, make-up artist at Maybelline New York and Sapna Bedi-Khaitan, owner at Novalash India, have listed some ideas:

* A liner in black is great for the eyelid, while a gel pencil in sapphire shade adds a vibrant electric touch as you apply some kajal on the lower waterline. The black liner could also be added towards the outer corners of the eye for more definition. Add drama to your lashes with a hyper curl mascara.

* Blend concealer with fingers onto the under eyes and inner corners of your eyes. Use bright coloured kohl pencils in shades like turquoise, emerald or sapphire instead of typical black kajal for the day.

At night, go in for deeper colours that will make your eyes stand out. Glitter eyes is also a trend to watch out for in the coming year.

* For the eyeshadow, lightly dust the deep pink shadow all over the eyelid. Use the lighter frosty beige as a highlighter on the brow bone.

* Fill in the brows. Run any brown mascara gently through the brows. This not only fills gaps in hair growth, but also keeps hair upwards and in place. No eye look is complete with ungroomed brows. The trick is to close sparse gaps while keeping brow hair in place. End your look with a contouring stick that will provide a highlighted look on the cheekbones to accentuate and dramatize the bone structure.

* Invest in good eyelash extensions as they instantly brighten and define eyes, making the face appear younger, more alert and refreshed all day.

You will not need to apply mascara with lash extensions. These create a thick, dark lash line. Many women skip applying eye make-up altogether, saving valuable time in the mornings. Not only do the eyelash extensions come in different lengths and curvatures, they also come in different colours.

* If you want to make your eyes look bigger, use an off-white or cream coloured kohl inside the eyes’ waterline, coat lower lashes with a mascara. Shade the undereye part with a soft brown eyeshadow and apply a nice defined eyeliner on the eyelid. Curling lashes is crucial to make eyes look awake and engaging.


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New Delhi, Dec 12: Ready with your new winter look but not ready to deal with the harsh winter weather?

While winter is all about snuggling into cozy quilts, sitting by the heater and sipping hot drinks, it is also about dealing with dry skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. Dr. Chandrika Mahendra, Principal Scientist, Personal Care, The Himalaya Drug Company, shares her expertise on keeping your skin healthy during winter.

*Nourish the skin from within

Moisturising your dry skin every now and then during winter can be a little annoying. All you need to keep your skin soft and supple is an intensive skin care product that is enriched with the goodness of cocoa butter. Cocoa contains antioxidants that help repair skin cells.

* Keep yourself hydrated

While your skin needs essential minerals and vitamins, drinking water is a must to keep your body adequately hydrated. We are less likely to feel thirsty during winter. However, consuming warm water will help in flushing out toxins and enhancing blood circulation. So, ensure you drink two to three liters of water a day.

* Say goodbye to chapped lips

Dry weather and chapped lips go together. Therefore, it is important to keep your lips moisturized and healthy during the winter months. For soft and smooth lips, look for herbal products with 100 per cent natural color, antioxidants, and Vitamin E.

* Follow your workout routine

Winter can often make you lazy and drowsy. It is crucial to stay active and fit to speed up your metabolism for a healthy body and skin. Regular workouts increase your body’s strength, boost your energy levels, and improve skin health. So, make time for a quick run, join a gym, or take a stroll in the garden, but don’t let winter hinder your schedule.


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Exfoliate, apply sunscreen to get rid of dry skin



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New Delhi, Dec 10: Most people associate winter with dry skin. To counter the flaking skin, exfoliate your lips, face and body once a week, and don’t forget your sunscreen, suggest experts.

Pallavi Mehra, Marketing Manager at VanityCask, and Arzoo Shah, make-up artist at MyGlamm, have shared how:

* Exfoliate lips: Treat your uneven dry and chapped lips with luxurious lip scrub pertaining feed for one’s lips with essential plant extracts. Fuse ground coffee with brown sugar and macadamia oil to get a pout as soft as velvet.

* Choose a radiant base: To get that perfect sheen, opt for a radiant and dewy finish foundation. A peach and pumpkin palette is the perfect substitute to bronzer during winter season to achieve a natural look.

* Cream-based blushes: To bring back that healthy flush and imperceptible glow this winter, cream blush is the need of the hour. A hint of both colour and moisture formula giving cheeks a three dimensional look bring the contours of the cheeks forward.

* Hydrating primer: A lightweight, serum-like textured primer provides a great canvas for make-up. An illuminating primer mattifies skin for that extra dose of radiance.

* SPF: Applying sunscreen to your face and hands every morning is essential. If you are anxious about the chemicals in sunscreens with high SPF, you can opt for children’s sunscreen as it’s just as effective and extra gentle on your skin.

* Don’t shy away from supplements: Take supplements to give your skin some additional lift, particularly during the winter months. For winter, pay special attention to vitamins E, C and B2, which will support the creation of skin cells.

* Exfoliate: Between the cold, damp air outside and the dry indoor heating, your skin cells are majorly dehydrated, which can lead to a build-up of dead skin that can eventually clog your pores. Exfoliate your body once a week and your face once or twice a week, but make sure you don’t over exfoliate.

* Use lip balm: There’s nothing more irritating than cracked dry lips. A good lip balm is the key to getting soft lips.

You don’t need to limit your Vaseline or lip balm to your lips. You can apply it under the eyes at night to keep away crow’s feet, and also use it to tackle dry skin on your face. You can even use your lip balm on the ends of your hair or to tame fly always if you need a little extra moisture.


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