Breastfeeding May Protect Mothers From Cancer, Heart Disease

Breast-feeding is just not only beneficial for babies, but also saves their mother from serious diease such as cancer, diabetes and heart attack.

Breastfeeding as recommended – for a total of one year and exclusively for six months – could protect babies and their moms from premature death and serious diseases, researchers said
According to the study, breast-feeding helps mothers to reduce chances of getting dieases with breast cancer, pre-menopausal ovarian cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks.
Researchers said their findings highlight the importance of providing women with the support they need to breastfeed their babies, beginning at birth.
“Breastfeeding is far more beneficial in preventing disease and reducing costs than previously estimated,” said lead author Melissa Bartick, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in the US.
The majority of the excess death and medical costs – nearly 80 per cent – were maternal.
The study appears in the journal Maternal & Child Nutrition.

Wefornews Bureau

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