Breaking Ramadan fast, Muslim man donates blood to save newborn’s life

ashfaq donates blood

Patna, May 28: In another such case within a week or so, a young Muslim man in Bihar chose humanity over religious customs, broke his Ramadan fast to donate blood to save the life of a newborn, officials said on Monday.

“I broke my fast to save a child because human life is more important than fast. I will keep the fast later to compensate but human life can’t be compensated,” remarked Mohammad Ashfaque who donated blood on Sunday to save the two-day-old child of Ramesh Kumar Singh and Aarti Devi in Darbhanga district.

Aarti had given birth to a boy after a caesarean operation at a private clinic in Darbhanga but the condition of the child deteriorated soon after birth.

After doctors asked Ramesh to procure O Negative group blood for the child, he posted an SOS message on social media, following which Ashfaque contacted them.

“When I came across the message for help, I simply approached the family and rushed to the hospital to donate blood. But doctors refused my offer since I was fasting. So, I broke my fast and consumed fruit juice and some solids,” said Ashfaque, who is in his late 20s.

Last week, Jawed Alam donated blood to an eight-year-old thalassemic boy Rajesh to save his life in Gopalganj district.

At a time when the country is more communally divided than in recent times, it is important to highlight instances that show we are humans first, then people who follow different faiths. India is a secular country and humanity is above all.

With Inputs from IANS

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