Boys wear skirts against school’s uniform policy

school boys

UK, June 23: School teenage boys raised their voice against school’s “no shorts” policy by wearing the skirts.

Five students took their headteacher literally after she joked “wear a skirt if they liked” when they were against this summer uniform policy.

The boys were in the pleated knee-length skirts today instead of trousers in school.

The teens took the extreme action as Britain baked in 34C heat yesterday, so the school’s official uniform must be skirt.

The protest turns up big when group of lads join the protest with the skirts.

One lad claimed “hundreds” of boys were wearing skirts today in protest.

A boy told in a protest: “It was showing some thigh. It wasn’t even that small.”

One mum yesterday said: “My son wanted to wear shorts but was told he would be put in the isolation room for the rest of the week.”

The headteacher told them, ‘Well you can wear a skirt if you like’, but I think she was being sarcastic.

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