Booked Modi for post-demonetisation deaths: Sanjay Nirupam


Mumbai, Nov 22, 2016: Criticising Narendra Modi for the death of 70 people across the country linked to demonetisation, Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam said that register a case against Prime Minister and booked him for murder of innocents.

He said millions of people were on the streets today and they had no money to buy food, medicines or other articles of daily necessities after the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

“These people have been standing in long queues for so many days, waiting to deposit and withdraw their own money which is now stuck in the banks. So far, more than 70 persons have died,” Nirupam said.

“About 70 people have died post the announcement of demonetisation and the Prime Minister is answerable for all these deaths. A case should be lodged against Prime Minister Modi under Section 302 of the IPC for the murder of these 70 people,” he said.

Nirupam was interacting with the media during at a widely attended ‘Note Pe Charcha’ launched by the party on Tuesday to guage the public opinion on post-demonetisation in Mumbai.

Hundreds of people, including some standing in the bank queues, highlighted their difficulties and suffering without money.

Some complained how had the new Rs 2,000 notes but could not change them.

Nirupam said that as of now, around Rs 5 lakh crore had been deposited in banks but people had been able to withdraw barely 25 per cent of that amount, creating a panic situation.

“The government should have made adequate preparations before the sudden demonetisation. Now that millions suffer, the RBI should immediately supply more currency for the public. The people have been put to great hardships due to sudden demonetisation,” he said.

Besides, trade and commerce were on the verge of collapse as people have no money to buy basic necessities. Hotels, restaurants, shops and malls, cinemas or multiplexes and all other sectors of the economy have reported huge drops of more than 70-80 per cent in business, he said.

Meanwhile, Nirupam also requested the Centre, “To increase the supply of new currency notes as the government has failed to provide new currency to almost 86 percent of population in the country.”

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