Bollywood music – a new weapon to torture ISIS in Libya

To know where Islamic state jihadists are hiding just play Bollywood music ,this tactic is being applied by UK special forces operating in Libya  as a part of a psychological operation to mentally break the militants.

This Bollywood torture to ISIL, IS militants was suggested by   Pakistani-born intelligence officer in the British military, who said the IS fighters would be profoundly affected by exposure to a form of culture they vehemently oppose because of the sharia law .

Troops park vehicles playing blaring out Bollywood  hits at full volume to disrupt the jihadists, ISIS  terrorists  came out form their hiding places to blast the vehicles and the troops get to locate them

It has also been suggested the practice will make IS look like it is powerless in its own territory – in which such frivolity is banned.

The use of music as a weapon of war is not a new phenomenon.

One-time British Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed said he and other captives were bombarded with rap music during their time in US hands.

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