Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist turns 51


Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan celebrated his 51st birthday on Monday, Actor revealed his birthday wishlist and confess that instead of receiving a gift, he’d like to make a present of a house to his mother, Zeenat Hussain.

Aamir khan said “This year, I would like to buy my mother her childhood home in Varanasi, “My mother is over 80 now and I have been thinking about this for some time. I want to speak to the people who live in the house now and buy it from them,”  .

The gift of sleep will makes the actor happy who have flown into Mumbai early Monday morning after a 32-hour journey. His wife and son, Kiran Rao and four-year-old Azad, who greeted him at the airport were the first who wishes the actor. At the press conference, Aamir Khan wore a T-shirt printed with a picture drawn by Azad.

The actor said “I was in the US for three weeks, just sleeping, eating and working out. I was exercising almost six hours a day”. On the issue of his comments about ‘intolerance’ last year actor said “People who questioned me were already biased towards me. I don’t react to that – no matter what you do, people will raise questions

For now, Aamir Khan is happy to focus on Bollywood. “I value and respect the 27-year relationship I share with my viewers,”. For those who wonders him to enter in politics, the answer  is this  “Just because actors are popular doesn’t mean politics is the natural. Must have passion to get into it.”

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