Black Power’ wedding photo goes viral in New Zealand

A couple’s chance wedding photograph with members of New Zealand’s Black Power gang has gone viral on Facebook, the media reported on Tuesday.

Formed in Wellington during the 1970s, Black Power is a prominent gang made up of Maori and Polynesian members.
Some members have been linked to drug running and other organised crime.
‘Very respectful’ Photographer Rebecca Inns, 31, who captured the moment on film, detailed the experience in a Facebook post.

Newlyweds Sarah and Matthew Oke were having their pictures taken at Lucy’s Gully on the North Island when they ran into the gang members.

They were in the area paying respects to the dead as part of a traditional Maori “hikoi” at the mountain.

The gang members agreed to pose for a pictures with the couple, and even gave a salute.

The unconventional photograph received 5,000 reactions on the site and was shared close to 600 times.

Some have praised it for helping to break down barriers and racial stereotypes

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