BJP’s election fever:Modi spinning false allegations against Opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should change the contents of his speech as the issues raised by him during the rallies are being intentionally twisted against the Opposition .He is often seen as asking the people specially during rallies in  Uttarakhand that Congress insulted the Army by questioning  the credibility of the surgical strikes and valour of Army men but the entire Opposition never questioned bravery of our Armed forces but they objected to reversing the set policy of India for unduly publicising the surgical strikes and second to use it as a political tool to garner votes .Third, when Pakistan government rejected India’s claims of surgical strikes ,Congress only asked to give them the evidence so that Pakistan should also come to know the existed terror launch pads in Pakistan which were destroyed during the military operation.


The surgical strikes led to more terror attacks on convoys, exchange or artillery fire between the two sides and attacks like Nagrota in Kashmir etc. In 2016, about 87 army personnel lost their lives in terror attacks While Modi always tries to take credit for surgical strikes then he should also take the blame of these number of Martyrs due to his failed diplomacy with Pakistan .

Actually BJP star campaigners are raising surgical strikes, demonetisation, corruption,develeopment, law and order and polarisation  to woo voters but why they again fail to understand that surgical strikes is the military operation performed by the Armed forces  and Army should be given the credit  and no credit can accrue to the BJP government  by any stretch of imagination as Modi didn’t do anything like  creating Bangladesh by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Demonetisation is totally a failure as digital transactions are not safe enough  with cash is being swiped away due to cyber attacks .The number of digital transactions reportedly dropped from 102.8 crore in December to Rs 98 lakh crore last month.How an uneducated  and poor farmer will spend cash to buy and maintain internet enabled mobile  to use it for digital transactions or mobile wallets that invloves extra expenditure .Thus Indian economy will remain cash dependent untill  the government spends enough to make everyone educated  and provide jobs  so as to improve the living standards and faculty of the people to conduct digital transactions.Modi’s demonetisation policy was to curb fake currency but there are reports that counterfeit 2000 notes were pushed by smugglers through the porous India-Bangladesh border.


Modi urged voters in Uttarkhand to give BJP a power to install second engine in the state in the form of a BJP government in Uttarakhand so as to speed up development  but if we analyse the situation in BJP ruled states where double engines already exists  like in Jammu and Kashmir  where violent protests continued for months in which about 100 people died and 300 were blinded due to pellet gun firing and more than 8000 people were arrested on the charges of stone-pelting .

While in Gujarat, Hardik Patel agitation erupted that  displayed casteist approach by the BJP government in the state and at the centre.As BJP leaders raised  corruption,  law and order  and development issues during their political rallies in Uttarakhand  but the fact is criminal activities have sharply increased during his tenure because of lack of jobs as educated youth is frustrated due to unemployment  and has resorted to criminal methods of snatching and other activities.

BJP is known for creating polarisation which started in 2014 from Ghar-Wapsi and now the Union Minister Kiren Rijiju statement that Hindu population was decreasing in India as they never convert people shows that Modi and BJP leaders are raising hollow arguments and false allegations against the Opposition.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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