BJP’s dilemma over BSP’s under current

mayawati-Amit Shah

BJP is bearing a new pain of losing the first spell of the crucial test match of UP polls and the reason is not SP or INC but BSP this time.

The feud within the first family might had given a sigh to BJP who were claiming SP as the only arch rivals in UP polls. But deep down the line the probable weakness of SP had raised the coins in favour of BSP and that has become BJP’s new concern in recent days.

BJP had been aggressively publicizing the hustle and bustle of BSP leaders who had left Mayawati and had joined the saffron brigade. Senior BJP leaders had also conveyed several times that BSP is a sinking ship and their war is with SP only. But the recent developments in Lucknow which happened in  past two weeks had aired a different message to far rural areas and that is something which is not a good news for BJP who is eying on UP.


The top brass in BJP had been informed by the ground level machineries about how BSP had silently managed to utilize the feud within the first family and had started polarizing muslims and OBC’s from SP camp.  BSP had strategically utilized this stance by circulating messages about SP’s growing weakness and had promoted BSP as an option for muslims in order to stop BJP’s chariot.

Mayawati had already decided to distribute 150 tickets to muslims out of 403 assembly seats and that would a number more than what SP is offering to its muslim candidates. Even INC had changed gears on minority politics and team PK had colourfully managed visits of Rahul Gandhi to Mazars and mosques in his Kisaan Yatra.

RG_Kisan Yatra_Bulandshahr-Mathura_UP_30_09_16_18
RG Kisan Yatra Bulandshahr Mathura UP 30 Sep 2016 .INC

On the other hand when SP and BSP had already declared most of the tickets, BJP had not revealed any lists so far. The biggest challenge for BJP is to settle the outsiders who had came from BSP and other parties and also the insiders who were in race from a long time. The lobbying at the state units and district units had added fire by showing disgrace over outsiders who had joined BJP for sake of tickets.

A senior BJP MLA from Poorvanchal told us on conditions of anonymity “Most of them who had come from BSP are due to the denial of Mayawati as she was not happy with their performance and was not sure about their victory. So these rejected cartridges will never make a difference, the workers who had given his sweat and blood for any assembly seat in past years is the real aspirant and not these opportunists.”

BJP is still trying to make a balance between the state units and organisational machineries in order to maintain a peaceful list of candidates. But the task is growing tough day by day as the internal scuffles of various camps within BJP are boiling the pot at maximum levels. On each and every seat there are 4-5 aspirants within BJP plus those who had joined recently, in these conditions the backbiting and pressure politics will make the situation worse than ever.

Another hidden threat for BJP is with the rebels, as soon as they will release the lists, a good number of rebels will show their concerns by leaving BJP and contesting from other platforms.  BJP needs some time to settle down these rebels and that is only possible when they have some time in hand. But BJP is falling short of time as they had not discussed any list till end of September and sources claim that they might release a list after Diwali which will be in October last week.

Aswhwini Bhatnagar a senior journalist told us –“This hue and cry of BSP leaders might fill the BJP’s camp with numbers and faces, but BSP will not get much of harm as it is a single handedly managed party and they have a strong base vote of tough supporters. Mayawati had announced these leaders as rejected items in almost all of her rallies and look at the crowd in her events. BSP is gaining a good amount of Muslim support which is coming out of SP and on the other hand INC is also growing silently. BJP needs to clarify within themselves before coming over any decision over tickets else they will field loose canyons.”

BJP is already bearing the overdose of OBC leaders and wrath of Brahmins, and the way BSP and SP are countering it with calculated steps of caste balance at frequent intervals, it looks the road ahead is bumpy for the saffron party.

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