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BJP’s alliance is with CBI, ED; ours with common man: Akhilesh Yadav



Akhilesh Yadav

Kolkata, Jan 19: Accusing the BJP of having aligned with central agencies like the CBI and the ED, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday appealed to the opposition to come together and defeat the conspiracies being hatched to divide alliance partners in states.

The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said the issue of Prime Ministerial candidate will be decided by the people.

He said with the beginning of the new year, the country now was pining for a new Prime Minister.

“How happy will the country be if it gets a new Prime Minister,” the Samajwadi Party (SP) leader said.

“They (BJP) say look how many prime ministerial aspirants the opposition has. At times, they say we have lot of grooms. My response to them is — We will see to it. Whoever people decide, will become prime minister,” Yadav said at the mega rally of the opposition parties here.

Dubbing the BJP government at the Centre as a ‘failure’, which has “disappointed and defrauded the nation and its people”, the SP leader accused the Modi regime of “spreading hatred” in society,

Referring to the alliance stitched by his party and the Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav said “Now only a few parties have aligned. Wait for all parties to come together. We have seen how you (Modi) have forged alliances to come to power.

“Now, we have brought all the best in the country on the same platform, and we will prepare a beautiful bouquet,” he said.

The SP chief said, unlike the BJP, the opposition has allied with the people of the country.

“You are making alliances with the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and ED (Enforcement Directorate). But we have alliances with the people. And in democracy, whatever people decide, that happens,” he said.

Yadav appealed to the leaders opposed to the BJP to remain vigilant about conspiracies that would be hatched to wean away their alliance partners.

“Since my party formed the alliance with the BSP, the BJP is holding daily meetings to find ways and means of winning at least one seat in Uttar Pradesh.

“The BJP knows it cannot win votes on the basis of performance. So it will hatch conspiracies to wean away your partners.

“I appeal to you to see through their conspiracies, and work to save the country, by strengthening your parties, and ensuring the victory of your candidates in the parliamentary polls,” he added.



Priyanka Gandhi slams Yogi over Covid-19 handling in Uttar Pradesh

Then it was said the report was positive, but the ambulance came to take the body after 16 hours, Priyanka Gandhi said.



Priyanka Gandhi

New Delhi, Jul 15 : Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday attacked the Uttar Pradesh government over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the ground reality is completely different from the “propaganda” of the Yogi Adityanath dispensation.

“Looking at the condition of the coronavirus ward of the medical college in UP CM”s home district (Gorakhpur), you will know how much the ground reality is different from the false propaganda of the UP government,” Priyanka Gandhi said on Twitter.

The COVID-19 ward of the medical college is full of drainage water. The patients are worried and there is no system of draining out the water, the Congress general secretary in-charge of UP East tweeted in Hindi along with a video of the ward with drainage water.

In a tweet earlier, Priyanka Gandhi said that according to media reports, first it was stated that the report of a deceased person was negative for coronavirus and the body was handed over to the person”s family.

Then it was said the report was positive, but the ambulance came to take the body after 16 hours, Priyanka Gandhi said.

This happened in the home district of the CM in Gorakhpur, she said.

“Is this how the UP government is fighting coronavirus?” Priyanka Gandhi said.

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Dy CM was horsetrading with BJP to topple govt, we have proof: Gehlot




Ashok Gehlot

Without taking the name of Sachin Pilot who was sacked on Tuesday as the PCC chief and deputy chief minister of Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said that the Dy CM was himself engaged in a deal to topple the government and he has all the proof about it.

Being fluent in English, giving strong bytes to the media and having a handsome personality doesn’t mean everything. However, what matters is what stays in your heart for your nation, what is your commitment for your country and what are your ideologies and policies for your party.

Sone ki chhuri pet mein khane ki liye nahin hoti (You never use a golden knife to cut your own stomach), he commented making a direct attack on Pilot without referring to his name.

Gehlot said that the PCC chief was talking to the BJP and the deal was closed at 2 a.m. and a monetary transaction was done. He also accused the Modi government of being engaged in the entire plot.

“A few of our party members became over ambitious and joined hands with the BJP. In fact, our PCC chief and deputy CM himself was involved in the deal. We have proof, They were talking at 2 a.m., we were informed that a deal is being done to topple our government. I have proof against the same and have names of the people who refused to take the money,” Gehlot said.

“The Congress kept democracy alive for 70 years, however, the present government is all out to kill democracy,” he said, adding that “politics means a fight of ideology, it means fight on policy matters and fight on diverse issues.

However, if you have differences, you can go out of the party with 2/3rd majority, no one will have objection, there is an anti-defection law. However, when you start hobnobbing with the BJP which is in power at the centre, start making monetary deals with them, start making more trading, then that will be questioned.”

The Rajasthan CM also questioned the intention of the central government over the raids conducted by the ED and IT in Rajasthan and said why was the government terrorising people by misusing such agencies. Where is democracy, he questioned.

Gehlot said the younger generation has not struggled the way his generation had.

“We are alive even after working hard for over 40 years. However, the newer generation has not struggled a lot. They think we don’t like them, but Sonia Gandhi likes them, Rahul Gandhi likes them and Ashok Gehlot also likes them.”

In our times, we did not have IT and mobiles, however, today leaders have the latest technology available with them and hence they can work hard and put up a good performance to develop the nation, he added.

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Punjab CM tests negative for Covid, asks colleagues to test




Amarinder Singh

The Chief Minister also underwent the test and was found to be negative, an official spokesperson told IANS. Two other ministers — Sukhjinder Randhawa and Aruna Chowdhary — and a few legislators had also got themselves tested.

During the Cabinet meeting, Amarinder Singh said all ministers and officials in various departments, especially who might have come in contact with the Indian Administrative Service and Punjab Civil Service officers who had been infected with the coronavirus, should get themselves tested.

Bajwa was doing well, he informed the meeting, reiterating the need for extreme caution by all ministers and others engaged in any kind of public dealing.

Amarinder Singh has, in fact, been calling upon all the people of Punjab to go for testing at the first sign of symptom or suspicion of Covid infection.

Early detection is the way to beat the disease and check fatalities, he has stressed.

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