BJP won’t get 15 seats in Uttar Pradesh in 2019 Lok Sabha elections, says Kapil Sibal

NDA government announced a slew of benefits especially for farmers and the middle-class people of the country.
Kapil Sibal ABP Live

New Delhi, Feb 2 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal accused the Narendra Modi government of dividing the country on the basis of religion and warned that Bharatiya Janata Party will not be able to get 15 seats in Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest state in the country, in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“BJP is against elections and is dividing the country in the name of Ram Temple but I want to tell that BJP will not even get 15 seats in Uttar Pradesh in Lok Sabha elections,” former union minister said.

Sibal said the Narendra Modi government made a mockery of farmers by allocating Rs 6,000 annually for small and marginal farmers in Budget 2019 as this small amount will have a value of around Rs 30 after 60 years.

During his interaction with Sumit Awasthi, Kapil Sibal said, “They have cheated the farmers, middle class and every section of people living in this country. Rs 6,000 which BJP promised to give to farmers will have a value of around Rs 30 after 60 years.”

The Modi government that small farmers who have less than two acres will get a support of Rs. 6,000 annually.

“They made fun of farmers by giving them Rs 17 a day,” Senior Advocate said during the ABP Shikhar Sammelan with Sumit Awasthi on the Budget 2019 and the outcome of it.

The Congress leader went ahead by accusing that BJP is diving the country in the name of Ram Mandir and other political issues.

He also said that Congress won in 3 states and will also win in General elections.

Attacking Modi government on the issue of unemployment, Sibal said, “Artificial intelligence proposal of the government in job sector shall further lead to decline in jobs, when unemployment is at an all time high.”

Sibal said that BJP had been claiming that Union Minister Piyush Goyal will present interim budget but they presented a Full Budget and with that they have made bad announcements.

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