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BJP will find it tough to win elections

Amit Shah should also look into the dynastic politics being followed in his own party before criticising others.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that he is going to fight every elections from 2017 till 2019 on the agenda of eliminating corruption adding, he himself has “no relatives” to benefit. A recent survey on September 1st, 2017 by the Transparency International states that India is the most corrupt country in Asia. Depicting how pervasive the problem is across Asia, a list released by Forbes – Asia’s Five Most Corrupt Countries – says that India beats Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Myanmar, when it comes to bribery rate.

Therefore, under Modi’s leadership India has achieved its ‘bribery status ‘.

BJP national President Amit Shah has claimed that Bharatiya Janata Party believes in politics of performance and its is right in the sense whenever they are unable to get the majority in elections they resort to horse trading to create a majority for the party and ultimately to form the government in the respective state. This was made amply clear by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi who had said that “his party won assembly elections in Manipur and Goa but the BJP threw money to steal the mandate, as the “saffron party engineered defections to form governments in both the states.”

BJP leaders and workers are going to chalk out strategy for the upcoming assembly elections that are scheduled to be held in 2017 and 2018 with an eye on 2019 Lok Sabha polls at the two-day national executive meet of BJP at Talkatora stadium in New Delhi .

In a fresh blow to BJP, the results of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) elections atht were held on September 24th came as a shock for the party led by Modi which saw independent candidates emerging victorious in 21 of the 35 wards, leaving the BJP — which fielded candidates in every ward and also runs the government in the state with only 13 seats. Meanwhile, the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) secured just one seat.

This election results reflect the mood of the public towards the Modi leadership not the BJP as because there is more publicity and talk of Modi’s wave as even the BJP workers argue that it is not just BJP but Modi’s government and credit for every single decision goes to him.

Amit Shah should also look into the dynastic politics being followed in his own party before criticising others. He slowdown in economic growth, the lack of jobs, a stimulus package to kick-start the economy and the next round of assembly polls are on top of agenda for the BJP leadership.

Modi has an important task at hand to counter the opposition’s attack over the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures which has shown a growth rate of 5.7 percent and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley has been talking of a package to revive economic growth after the 8 November demonetisation slowed it down.

Modi, who has set his vision that he will rule India till 2022 should also keep in mind that “New India” (Pharse coined by Modi) cannot be achieved by just announcements or haphazard experiments, or the publicity blitz.

The economy which has been shattered due the ‘hardwork’ done by the Modi government is not going to revive in another five years as creating jobs, setting up of industries and tonning up of financial system are hard to achieve .

But BJP under Modi’s leadership is mesmerizing public in the name of schemes floated by them terming them as ‘welfare schemes for the people.’ In actual sense welfare schemes are meant for uplifting the downtrodden and country progresses on the strong economic system and background.



By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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