BJP using money and muscle power to influence Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat

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Its is a glaring example of horse-trading in the run-up to the Rajya Sabha elections in Guajart on August8, BJp lured six Congress MLAs to their camp as wining three Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat by any means is critical to the interests of the BJP as Amit Shah will make his debut in Parliament. Fearing further poaching of their MLAs by the BJP, Congress shifted their remaining 43 legislatures to Bangaluru from Gujarat. Central government has imposed a penalty of 982 crore to regularise 77 acres of land encroached by the resort where Congress MLAs are staying on the stated grounds that resort in question had encroached uopn government land though the said encroachment had escaped the notice of authority before the said episode of shifting of Congress MLAs.

Using the state machinery, Tax officials raided 64 places in Delhi and Karnataka linked to energy minister Shivakumar, a top minister in Karnataka, who  is hosting the congress legislatures  to avoid  a break in their ranks. This is apprently interference in the election process and authorities owe an explanation to the nation so that  correct position is explained by the authorities. Terming the current scenario an “unprecedented witch-hunt” by the BJP ,the congress has accused the BJP of using “money and muscle power” to engineer defections in Gujarat.

The Modi-led government should also explain the source of money being used in horse-trading in Gujarat especially after demonetization. Meanwhile, Congress has given ample indication of invoking anti defection law to take action on the errant MLAs for their disqualification.

But strangely the Judiciary has not taken congnisance of such malpractices going on among the legislators which is adversely affecting the world’s largest parliamentary democracy.

The Parliament expelled 11 of its members in 2005 and majority of them belonged to the BJP over a televised exposé of corruption.

Congress leader Madhusudhan Mistry alleged that his party MLAs were being “kidnapped” and offered “Rs 10-15 crore” with a view to influence their vote in the August 8 elections to send three members from the state to the Rajya Sabha.

The party paraded the MLAs before the media on Sunday and claimed the BJP had offered each of them Rs 15 crore for cross-voting  in the Rajya Sabha election on August 8.

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel has called the Income Tax raids in Karnataka including the residential premises of Energy Minister DK Shivakumar, an ‘unprecedented witch-hunt’ by the BJP  to win one Rajya Sabha seat.Patel who is contesting in Rajya Election also said these raids shows BJP’s  “utter desperation and frustration.

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By : Arti Bali

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