BJP taunts Digvijaya Singh as “mentally poor”, includes him in BPL

digvijya singh

Reacting to Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh’s assertion that he and his family have been included in the list of people below poverty line (BPL), the BJP on Saturday said that only the “mentally poor” Digvijaya can answer how his name got there.

According to Business Standard, Sharma added that if a person is poor, his BPL card should be made.

“If Digvijaya Singh is poor, he must have applied for a card and the officials must have probed. If he is not poor, Digvijaya Singh will object to it. If he objects, then he should take action against the official who made it,” he remarked.

Singh had earlier alleged a conspiracy against him and his family by the government of Madhya Pradesh and the government of India in a tweet. He also demanded the people responsible for including his name in the BPL list apologise.

Sharma reacted to these tweets by saying that BJP does not need to insult him by doing this, as he is already defamed. “We don’t require any additional effort to do so. A person, who is already defamed, cannot be defamed futher,” Sharma added.

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