BJP ruined Jammu and Kashmir, cannot blame PDP : Azad

New Delhi, June 19 : Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that BJP ruined the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the Saffron party cannot run away by entirely blaming PDP for the worsening situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Further said, “After ruining the state in the last three years, they are now breaking the alliance. It is a total failure by the part of the government of India. Centre cannot shy away from the responsibility.”

Azad said there was no question of the Congress party allying with the PDP to form government in the state saying the “question does not arise”.

Accusing the BJP of covering up corruption , the Congress leader said, “BJP ruined the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They are covering up corruption… BJP is now making excuses. The people’s suffering will now end.,”

Azad said, “The regional parties should have been left to themselves to form a government. They should have been allowed to select their own partner. The BJP did not allow this. The alliance devastated the state. Maximum number of ceasefire violations and max number of civilians were killed in these three years. The BJP pulled out from the alliance after ruining the state physically and economically. The first criminal is the government of India: Azad

Leader of Oppositon in Rajya Sabha said, “When the BJP has formed the government in J&K, we had told the PM that will be a Himalayan mistake. We have been proven right.”

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