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BJP, RSS trying to impose one ideology on people, says Gandhi



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Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday addressed the rally in Silchar to kick-start the party’s campaign for the ensuing Assembly elections and slams the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre by saying that “achhe din” will come only after 2019 and that the Congress is already working for it.

“Now, ‘achhe din’ will come only in 2019. You don’t worry about it. We are already working on it,” said Gandhi in a pointed barb at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much touted slogan during the 2014 gener al elections. Gandhi was addressing a public rally at Silchar in Assam’s Barak Valley.

Gandhi also referred to the recent debate in parliament between him and Modi and said that he will keep asking the prime minister questions irrespective of the personal attack made on him by Modi.

The AICC leader also accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of trying to impose one ideology on the people and said that they want to spread hatred and make every Indian fight against one another in the country.

“Congress feels that there should be place for everyone in the country and that everyone can have their own opinion. On the other hand, the BJP and RSS want to impose one ideology on everyone. They want to run the government from the Prime Minister’s Office or from Nagpur. We feel that the people here should run the government,” he said.

“I remember 15 years back, there was unrest in Assam – blood spilt, and there were tears. The Congress came to power and it brought peace and security. In Haryana, there was peace under the Congress government’s rule and the state was prospering also. However, within one and half years of BJP’s coming to power, set it on fire…people are fighting against one another. This is what the BJP does. They do it in everywhere, be it in Assam, Maharastra, Haryana,” he said.

Gandhi admitted that connectivity is a problem in Assam’s Barak Valley and said that the Congress will send its manifesto committee, who will decide on strategies to develop communication network in the region.

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Now, Rajasthan BJP sends 18-20 MLAs to Gujarat

The BJP leader said they would be back by August 12, though the final date needs to be decided. They will offer prayers at the Somnath temple on Monday, he added.




Satish Poonia

Jaipur, Aug 8 : It is not only the Congress that fears poaching of its MLAs by the BJP in Rajasthan, but also the latter which wishes to keep its flock intact. Close on the heels of the Congress sending its MLAs to plush hotels, the desert state’s opposition party is busy packing off 18-20 MLAs to BJP-ruled Gujarat.

Around a dozen MLAs from Jalore, Sirohi and Udaipur divisions were shifted on Friday night to a resort in Ahmedabad whereas another group of six MLAs were at the Jaipur airport at the time of filing of this report. They were about to leave for Porbandar by a chartered flight.

Rajasthan BJP chief Satish Poonia dubbed the sojourn of the party MLAs as an “excursion trip”, while admitting that they were being lured by the Congress and senior officials of the state. Hence, they are being sent on a tour, he added.

Speaking to IANS, Poonia said that the ruling Congress is “misusing” government machinery in Rajasthan for “selfish ends”.

“Many officials have visited our MLAs in the tribal belt and tried to influence them through immoral ways. Our MLAs were depressed and tense and hence we planned an excursion trip for them.”

The BJP leader said they would be back by August 12, though the final date needs to be decided. They will offer prayers at the Somnath temple on Monday, he added.

However, Poonia refused to use the word ‘camping’ for the BJP MLAs and said that this word has been coined by the Congress and its MLAs in Jaisalmer are literally being monitored by security teams.

Meanwhile, former PCC Vice-President Archana Sharma told IANS that “they (BJP) are blaming the Congress, but there is a dispute within the party. Hence, they are taking their MLAs to Gujarat.”

A senior politician, who wanted anonymity, said that the state BJP is feeling threatened after former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s meeting with the party leadership in Delhi and her readiness to regain her foothold in Rajasthan politics.

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Union Minister who endorsed ‘papad’ to boost immunity against Covid-19 tests positive

A video of the minister endorsing ‘Bhabhiji papad’, which he called a health supplement, had gone viral on social media.




Arjun Ram Meghwal

New Delhi, Aug 8 : Union minister Arjun Ram Meghwal, who had recently endorsed an indigenous “papad” brand claiming that eating the “papad” will help fight the deadly coronavirus, on Saturday tested positive for Covid-19.

“Meghwal was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at around 10 a.m. after he complained of difficulty in breathing,” a doctor told IANS.

However, his condition is said to be stable now. He is receiving treatment under Neeraj Nishchal, who is a professor at the department of Medicine at AIIMS, as per sources.

Meghwal, who is the Junior Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, recently made headlines after he claimed that a particular brand of the ubiquitous Indian snack, ‘papad’, had a role in boosting the immunity and antibodies that could help cure COVID-19.

A video of the minister endorsing ‘Bhabhiji papad’, which he called a health supplement, had gone viral on social media.


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Bernie Sanders mulls ‘Make Billionaires Pay Act’, zones in on Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg




Bernie Sanders

New York, Aug 8 :J Three Senators, led by Bernie Sanders, have attracted global attention for introducing the “Make Billionaires Pay Act,” aiming to tax US tech’s top leaders tens of billions of dollars in wealth made during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Make Billionaires Pay Act” would impose a one-time 60 per cent tax on wealth gains made by billionaires between March 18, 2020, and January 1, 2021.

Riding growing global despair about inequity, the Senators suggest that funds would be used to pay for out-of-pocket health-care expenses for all Americans for a year. Besides Sanders, the Senators are Ed Markey and Kirsten Gillibrand.

“Over and over again, we have been told that we cannot possibly afford to guarantee healthcare as a right by moving to a Medicare for All system – even on a temporary basis during the worst public health emergency in over a hundred years. Well, it turns out that is not quite accurate,” a post on Sanders’ Senate page argued.

“While a record-breaking 5.4 million Americans recently lost their health insurance, 467 billionaires in our country increased their wealth by an estimated $731.8 billion during the pandemic. Incredibly, as a result of the Trump tax giveaway to the rich, these billionaires currently pay a lower effective tax rate than teachers or truck drivers.”

Citing the Americans for Tax Fairness and Institute for Policy, Sanders said: “If we taxed 60 per cent of the windfall gains these billionaires made from March 18th until August 5th, we could raise $421.7 billion. That’s enough revenue to allow Medicare to pay all of the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for everyone in America over the next 12 months (based on an estimate from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget).

“Yes, that’s right. By taxing 60 per cent of the wealth gains made by just 467 billionaires during this horrific pandemic, we could guarantee healthcare as a right for an entire year. And billionaires would still be able to pocket more than $310.1 billion in wealth gains during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

Illustrative examples cited include Jeff Bezos, whose wealth has gone up by 63 per cent or $71.3 billion during the pandemic, paying a one-time wealth tax of $42.8 billion; Elon Musk, whose wealth has nearly tripled during the pandemic from $24.6 billion to $70.5 billion, would pay a one-time wealth tax of $27.5 billion; Mark Zuckerberg, who is now worth $92.7 billion, up from $54.7 billion, would pay a one-time wealth tax of $22.8 billion and the Walton family, the wealthiest family in America, which has seen their wealth grow by $21.5 billion, would pay a one-time wealth tax of $12.9 billion.

“At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, when so many of our people are hurting, it is time to fundamentally change our national priorities. Instead of more tax breaks for the rich while more Americans die because they cannot afford to go to a doctor, let us expand Medicare and save lives by demanding that billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.”

Aiming to distinguish the not-so-super-rich from their moves, those with net worth of less than $1 billion wouldn’t pay more in taxes. While Zuckerberg, Bezos and the Waltons haven’t yet reacted, Musk took the challenge head on, with a meme. “Everytime the Bernster mentions a free government program, chug somebody else’s beer”, the irrepressible billionaire tweeted back.

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