BJP MP Shartughan Sinha condemned lawyers behaviour at Patiyala court

@ShatruganSinha with his series of tweets shows the soft corner and supports JNU students and condemned Lawyers for their action.

“I am proud of being an Indian, I love and deeply respect my motherland, l have tremendous faith in our Constitution and have great regard for our dashing, dynamic, action hero Prime Minister. I also assure everyone that BJP is my first and last party”…tweets Sinha.

I am however saddened that institutions and systems of governance have been allowed to be tarnished by anarchy and police inaction The behaviour of some lawyers friends and inaction of some apparently helpless police personnel presented a very poor image and did not show our government in good light. Wish it could have been avoided.

Also, pressing of very serious “sedition” charges against students, for what might often be overenthusiastic activism in campus, reflects a highly ineffective university administration and overzealous police action.

I firmly believe that any anti-national activity has to be dealt with very firmly…I also believe innocents must be saved & spared.

it is only the Hon’ble Courts that have the wisdom to decide whether one is guilty or not guilty of something as serious as sedition.

So let us all tread this path with a lot more caution and be a little less judgemental….

Hope, wish and pray that Bihari Babu’s views (including his firm belief about this particular son of the soil Bihari boy Kanhaiya)…..are not construed as being anti-party. Anyway, now even the Police Commissioner of Delhi seems to have endorsed this belief, says Sinha.

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