BJP MP calls Rahul Gandhi ‘traitor’ for questioning surgical strikes


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, Chaudhary Babulal, called Rahul Gandhi a traitor and said that he has no proof regarding his parentage.

BJP and Congress both have been retaliating to each other after Congress raised the issue of BJP politicizing the surgical strikes by putting up posters.

Babulal is a parliamentarian from Fatehpur Sikri and his remarks targeting Rahul Gandhi came on Friday in Roorkee. This retaliation from BJP comes after the surgical strikes claims by the government were questioned.

BJP leader went on labeling the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, as a traitor.

“He is a traitor like his father (former PM Rajiv Gandhi). Rahul Gandhi is asking for proof; he himself has no proof whose son he is,” the BJP leader said.

The leaders of Congress and BJP both are striking each other over the surgical operation which was carried out by Indian Army in POK following the Uri terror attacks which left 19 soldiers dead.

Rahul’s khoon ki dalali’ statement on Thursday targeting PM Modi sparked a major controversy. Rahul during his ‘Kisan Yatra’ said that BJP has been politicizing the surgical strikes conducted by the Army.

Babulal suggested that a case shall be registered against him and he shall be punished.

“Legal action should be taken against those all who are asking for proof of the surgical strike,” he said.

The BJP also said that the “traitors” who question the surgical strikes shall be sent to Pakistan or to Dubai. He targeted Rahul Gandhi’s adding that no one will be left in the country to mention the Gandhi family’s name for their “misdeeds”.

The war of words between the two parties has been ongoing. The day after Rahul Gandhi made him remarks against Modi, Amit Shah held a press conference and retaliated against the same.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told its leaders to not indulge in any argument and make any remarks. Modi has asked his ministers to stop making “expert comments” on the surgical strikes unless they are asked to do so.

It seems like Modi has no effect on its party leaders. This is not the first a BJP leader had made this kind of offensive statement. This time, it is Babulal who has made a statement demeaning Rahul Gandhi and the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and earlier, it was Daya Shankar Singh who made a very rude and derogatory statement against the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati.

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