BJP MP calls killing of a cop in Uttar Pradesh an “isolated incident”

Gazipur Cops Killed

Gazipur, Dec 30 :On the brutal incident of a political party killing an Uttar Pradesh Police constable to death in Ghazipur district by stoning, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader Udit Raj has given a controversial statement terming it an ‘isolated incident’. Notably, the head constable’s death is the second such incident this month.

On Ghazipur stone pelting incident,BJP MP Udit Raj said, “It is an unfortunate incident. I am sure UP CM will take stringent action. UP has a population of 25 crores, one or two isolated incidents in the state cannot substantiate that something is wrong with law and order in the state.”

On December 3, police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed in Bulandshahr when he attempted to stop a mob from keeping cattle carcasses to block a road.

Reacting to the horrific incident, BJP MP Udit Raj refused to admit law and order lapse and said that such incidents can happen in the state as big as UP.

“The state is so big. About 25 crore people live here. The population is equal to Europe. Such isolated incidents, one-off incidents cannot be a ground to reach on the conclusion that law and order has failed in the state,” the BJP MP said.

He added: “The Opposition will keep pouncing on us but that does not mean we are not working.”

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