BJP MP asks poet’s daughter to go to Pak after CAA, NRC protest

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Aligarh, Feb 10 BJP MP Satish Gautam has asked Sumaiya Rana, daughter of renowned poet Munawwar Rana and an anti-CAA activist, to go to Pakistan if she is feeling suffocated in this country.

“If she is feeling suffocated here, there are lots of ways for her to go to Pakistan. It is only possible in India that one lives here and speaks against the country,” the BJP MP told reporters.

Sumaiya had recently said at an anti-CAA protest that the “atmosphere here has turned vitriolic and it is suffocating to live in such conditions.”

Sumaiya and Fauzia Rana, both daughters of Munawwar Rana, have been participating in the anti-CAA protest at the Clock Tower in Lucknow. Both have been booked by the Lucknow police for violating prohibitory orders last month.

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