Watch: BJP MLA threatens toll employee to let 50 car convoy to pass for free


Rajasthan, 6 March: Yet again, the misuse of power was seen by the BJP MLA as in the recent incident a saffron party MLA from Makrana, Sriram Bhinchar was seen arguing and pushing the toll employees in Rajasthan on Saturday.

MLA Sriram Bhinchar with a convoy of around 50 cars reached at a toll point on a Highway in Rajasthan.

However, when he was stopped by the toll employees and asked to pay for his passage, the MLA, dressed in spotless white like most politicians, got out of his car and proceeded to browbeat toll collectors and told them to let them all pass without charging toll.

Shockingly, the entire episode was captured in a CCTV wherein, the MLA could be seen pushing and shoving the toll collectors around. The MLA can be seen backed up by his supporters who could be seen in the background ready to take things in their hands.

Clearly outnumbered and scared of the consequences, the collectors refused to force the issue.

Noting that the MLA, one of the highest government officials in the state violated the rules and what is worse, he is expected to get away with this crime with impunity, especially as he belongs to the ruling dispensation.

One side BJP talks about eradicating corruption in the country while other side, the party MLA’s are enjoying their powers freely.

 Wefornews Bureau

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