BJP Minister threatens police superintendent, Says you were appointed due to ‘Casteism’

Image : ABP News

Pratapgarh, June 21: Rajasthan’s tribal affairs minister Nandlal Meena reportedly threatened the Superintendent of Police (SP) and asked him to work for the people of their caste.

In a gathering, Meena said “you have been posted here because of casteism, you have to support the people of your caste, or else we have other alternatives”, ABP news reported.

The Minister also allegedly made an alleged rape victim sit on the stage making her identity known. He has been witnessing widespread criticism for both the acts.

The whole incident is of Salamgarh district where a woman of the same tribe had alleged 5 upper caste men of raping her. The allegation was found baseless in police probe as rape was not confirmed in the medical test and the statements of the woman were also not convincing.

However, under political pressure, the police had to make arrest of two people and applied section 354, instead of 376, which had angered Meena and he threatened the SP, who was of the same caste as that of the victim and the minister.


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