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BJP loss in bypolls, civic polls highlight party factionalism



BJP and Congress Flag Poster

Jaipur, Nov 22 : The BJP’s consecutive losses in by-polls and municipal elections have left the party red faced highlighting the deep factionalism prevalent in the party.

With former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje maintaining a distance from party activities since last many months and her loyalists failing to ensure the success of BJP candidates in the local elections, whispers are circulating among party workers that all is not well within the state BJP.

Raising this concern, BJP MLA Kailash Meghwal said: “There has been too much factionalism happening within the party which the party heads need to look into.

“BJP seems sulking going towards defeat”, he said referring to the party’s recent losses in by-polls and municipal elections.

The statement, by a senior leader who has served as Speaker in the state assembly and Union Minister earlier, is being discussed internally, although party leaders are tightlipped about it.

Raje has not at all been seen around either for campaigning or for strategising.

In fact, soon after the appointment of Satish Poonia as state BJP chief in September, Raje’s keeping distance from the party office and party affairs became very evident.

In the recent municipal body polls, her loyalists failed to win even in their home turfs. Rajendra Rathore who is the MLA from Churu and presently the deputy leader of opposition, Kiran Maheshwari, former Ministers Yunus Khan and Shrichand Kriplani representing Deedwana and Nimbaheda, respectively, could not help the party win the local elections.

Soon after the bypolls held in October, Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal accused the Raje camp of denting the BJP’s vote share and helping the Congress, which reduced its winning margin to a mere 4,000 votes.

Meghwal further said that Mandava defeat with a margin of over 30,000 votes is a shame for the party when the party candidate had won this seat 10 months earlier.

BJP state president Satish Poonia, however, denied any kind of factionalism in the party.

“Mandava, since years, has been Congress seat. We won once there in the December 2018 assembly elections. However, Narendra Kumar is now MP as he won Lok Sabha elections. Our party, following its principle, did not give a ticket to his son. In Khinvsar, our alliance won the elections,” Poonia said.

“If these election results, as termed by Congress, show people’s trust in party, then why did the enable BJP win elections with majorities in Udaipur, Bikaner and Bharatpur?”, he asked.

State Congress Minister Pratap Khachriyawas told IANS that BJP has been facing major factionalism.

“Although they have been attacking Congress on factionalism, but it has failed to set its own house in order which is clearly seen in the bypolls and municipal election results. They talk big but the ground work remains zero. Even as an Opposition, they have failed to make a mark,” he said.

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After defeat, Dinesh Gundu Rao resigns as KPCC president

The BJP had fielded 11 Congress and 3 JD-S defectors to wrest the seats from the opposition parties.



Gundu Rao

Bengaluru, Dec 9 : Karnataka Congress president Dinesh Gundu Rao on Monday tendered his resignation to the party chief Sonia Gandhi, after the party suffered a massive defeat in the by-elections.

“Taking moral responsibility, I am resigning as the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president,” said Rao at the Congress office.

Rao said that the Congress thought people will not favour the defectors, yet the BJP won.

“Operation Kamala has been ratified by the people,” said Rao, describing the way BJP attracted and fielded the disqualified Congress lawmakers.

The BJP had fielded 11 Congress and 3 JD-S defectors to wrest the seats from the opposition parties.

Rao said he will meet Congress president and submit a detailed report about the party’s rout in the bypolls.

Earlier, following a humiliating defeat in the by-elections, Siddaramaiah also resigned as the leader of opposition in state Assembly.

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Rahul Gandhi questions PM’s silence over rape incidents

“Women and farmers are being targeted with bullets. Women cannot step out from their houses without fear,” Rahul said.




Rahul Gandhi

Ranchi, Dec 9 : Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for maintaining silence over rape incidents in the country.

“India has become rape capital of the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintains silence over rape incidents. His MLA in Uttar Pradesh was accused of a woman’s rape, he maintained silence. The women are being burnt, shot down and raped in the country but Modi maintains silence,” said Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally at Hazaribagh district’s Barkagao, where five farmers were killed while protesting land acquition by the state government two years ago.

“Women and farmers are being targeted with bullets. Women cannot step out from their houses without fear,” Rahul said.

“Modi claims protecting farmers. Whereas, the farmer’s land is being snatched. When farmers protest, they are killed. We had brought Land Acquisition Act to protect farmers’ land. As per the Act, farmers’ land cannot be acquired without permission of the Panchayat but MOdi opposed it. Modi asked his Chief Minister not to implement the Act,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“MOdi claims to fight against corruption, but his Jharkhand Chief Minister is the most corrupt politician,” he alleged.

He further targeted Modi on political issues such as demonetisation and GST.

“Modi’s face is shown on TV because your (People) money is being handed over to Adani and Ambani. Have you seen MOdi embracing farmers or poor people but you have seen him embracing the industrialists. This government is being run for only 10 to 15 industrialists. The PSUs are being handed over to these companies. The Centre is ending the government employees’ pension,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Under UPA regime, the economy was growing and world used to learn from India. The economy of the country has worsened under Modi government. There is an environment of hatred in the country,” the former Congress chief said.

“Modi government is waiving loan of rich people but ignoring poor and farmers. This will not be tolerated. There cannot be two form in the country. We need single where loan of both poor, farmers and rich are waived off,” he added.

Rahul promised to increase minimum support price (MSP) of paddy from existing Rs 1300 per quintal to Rs 2500, waiving loan of farmers upto Rs 2 lakh and implementing 27 per cent reservation to back caste people. He also promised to implement the land acquisition Act in Jharkhand if voted to power.

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Modi hails Karnataka results, says Congress taught a lesson





Ranchi, Dec 9 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the bypoll results in Karnataka and said that those who formed the government through backdoor ignoring people’s mandate have been taught a lesson. The Prime Minister was speaking at a rally in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh on Monday.

“The Karnataka bypoll results is answer to the Congress which grabbed the power through backdoor. It is also answer to all states where mandate of people has been ignored,” said Modi.

He further said, “People have responded through democratic way. Today bypoll results have decided who would rule Karnataka. The BJP was given mandate but Congress hatched a conspiracy and grabbed the power from backdoor. It is the old habit of the Congress to play behind the curtain. People have now punished them. People have chosen a stable and strong government for development of Karnataka”.

The BJP is heading for a landslide victory in Karnataka Assembly by-elections, as it is ahead in 12 of the 15 seats it contested on December 5, as the final result is yet to be declared.

“The people of Jharkhand should also learn from Karnataka. The situation like Karnataka should not crop up in Jharkhand after the polls. The Congress has never believed in coalition politics. They have treated allies like puppets in lieu of support,” Modi further said.

“If there is a hung Assembly, Jharkhand will witness Karnataka like situation”, Modi warned.

He cautioned people that they would not get the benefit of the central government’s schemes if BJP is not voted back to power.

Modi once again targeted the Congress for keeping the issues of Ram temple and Article 370 pending for 70 years. “Now the Constitution of India has been implemented in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

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