BJP Leader Ashok Jaiswal Shot Dead

ashok jaiswal

Patna,August 18: A local BJP leader, Ashok Jaiswal, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in broad daylight in Patna, Danapur area on Wednesday evening.

Jaiswal is the second BJP leader from Bihar to have been shot dead in the past couple of months. The assailants had pumped four bullets into the body of Mr Jaiswal, said senior police officer Rajesh Kumar. Jaiswal died at a private hospital.

Two persons have been taken into custody in connection with the killing, the officer added.

The BJP’s Union Minister of State Ramkripal Yadav, who visited Mr Jaiswal’s home, said the murder was a reflection of the deterioration in law and order situation in Bihar. The party has called a strike in the area in protest against the murder, he said.

“The murder of Jaiswal in a busy place is enough to prove that criminals do not have any fear of law in the state under the Grand Secular Alliance government,” he said.

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