BJP itself fearful of reverses in UP Polls due to cash crunch

PM Modi

It is amazing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi shied away from demonetization debate in Parliament where on May 20th,2014 he bowed ,with his forehead touching the stairs to register his high respect for the “temple of democracy”.

With Modi’s ever changing narratives about demonetization that have resulted in trading of demonetized as well as new currency notes along the length and breath of the country and CBI and enforcement agencies conducting raids at various places showing corrupt practices for illegal gains have made Modi government as well BJP more vulnerable to the charges of corruption.

As the large amount of money is being seized during Modi’s tenure and even that from BJP’s persons shows that BJP is also complicit in these scams.

The matter has gone to such an extent that Congress-vice president Rahul Gandhi specifically accused Modi of being personally involved in huge corruption and asked him to debate in the Parliament .

It is worth mentioning that Narendra Modi became extraordinary soft with Rahul Gandhi during personal meet and asked him to meet regularly but could not  face Parliament on this accusation and shied away from debate with voting in the Parliament .

There are rumors within the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh cadres and BJP lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh that the cash crunch due to demonetization is going to harm BJP’s poll prospects in 2017 assembly elections.

Modi and BJP President Amit Shah  are extensively campaigning in poll bound states to highlight the achievements of BJP government like surgical strikes on Pakistan terror launch pads and demonetization to fight corruption and black money menace.

But BJP workers expressed that the party was being benefited by the cross- border surgical strikes but now the cash crunch has reversed the trend.The cash crunch has created innumerable sufferings in the rural areas and the unemployment in urban areas has increased to multiple times thus forcing the companies to shut down.

With this immediate effect , long term problems will crop up like crime, law and order and the growth rate will be affected.During a programme with Rajat Sharma on India TV, BJP President Amit Shah assured that good effects of demonetization will be felt till 2019 ie next general elections.

This shows that BJP  may lose UP assembly elections which is very crucial for the party to return to power at the centre in 2019.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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