BJP, CPI-M hand in glove in gold smuggling case cover-up: Cong


The Congress in Kerala has expressed doubts whether the ruling parties in the State and the Centre are hand in glove in covering up the controversial gold smuggling case.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala alleged it’s now come out in the open, that though these two parties appear they are on different routes, when the need comes, they are one.

“It was the other day that, Anil Nambiar, a senior editor of Janam TV — billed as the TV channel of the BJP — was questioned by the Customs department in connection with the gold smuggling case. Earlier the top official of the CPI-M backed TV channel Kairali, John Brittas openly said that the prime accused in the case Swapna Suresh got Rs 4.25 crores as commission, a charge that was confirmed by State Finance Minister Thomas Issac. Swapna’s statement now reveals that Nambiar knew of this,” said Chennithala.

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