BJP concerned over missing MPs

Manoj tiwari

Manoj Tiwari has shown his concern regarding Delhi AAP MPs who are less to be seen in Delhi which has many problems. MPs are busy campaigning in the other states at the cost of the government, as per him. In his statement he said, “AAP ministers come on flying visits to Delhi and play gimmick by issuing absurd statements…” It is really a sorry state of affairs!

But has Manoj Tiwari ever considered the Parliament wherein the PM Modi has not been speaking during the whole Winter Session 2016! The opposition has request that the PM should clarify the government’s stand on demonetisation, which Modi never replied to! Tiwari accused the Delhi government for not caring about people where as per him more than 100 people died due to cold this year—not a fact! Will Tiwari and his PM show some concern regarding the 160 odd people and their families who died while standing in the queues of banks and ATMs to get their money exchanged post demonetisation!

These are dual standards of BJP! Promised Ram Mandir, nothing worked on till date. Promised jobs, nowhere to be seen even after two and half years of being in power. It would be better for BJP to emphasis on taking India on the path of progress, rather just accusing others of not doing anything.

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File Picture : Sports Minister Vijay Goel

BJP minister for Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel is a master of mistakes. He while praising Indian athlete at time of Rio Olympic tweeted wrong information regarding the athlete Dipa Karmakar’s, how very responsive BJP is! BJP MPs ask people from public platforms to produce more kids so that they can be ahead in population graph to Muslims. What moral teaching are being provided by the BJP and here Manoj Tiwari–participant of Big Boss season 4–is becoming a teacher of Politics!

God help India!

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