BJP Chief’s tryst with translators leaves audience in splits and Shah seething

amit shah

Bengaluru, May 3: As Karnataka Assembly election is all around the corner, it seems BJP President Amit Shah’s woes are only getting increasingly compounded.

Last month, Shah embarrassed his Chief Ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa with a slip of tongue. He called the government headed by Yeddyurappa the most corrupt in the history of Karnataka.

However, the BJP Chief had quickly corrected himself.

This time shah’s translators created a public spectacle and left him seething with their mistakes. As people in Karnataka understand Kannada language more.

So keeping this in mind Shah took translators along with him during the public rallies, but the matter got little disturbed when the translators perceived his words wrong.

According to Janta Ka Reporter, while addressing a public in Sringeri constituency on Tuesday, the BJP President said that Prime Minister Modi was like a power production house, but the government in Bengaluru was just like a small transformer, which had burnt out and wasn’t capable of supplying the electricity.

However, his translator said that Modi was like a transformer while calling Siddaramaiah led government the power production house! And this left Shah angry forcing him to interrupt his translator to make corrections in between.


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