BJP blames Kerala CM for party worker’s murder, asks CBI to investigate



The BJP on Wednesday asked for a CBI investigation to enquire about the murder of a party activist in Kannur. BJP has accused Left Democratic Front (LDF) government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of unleashing “political terrorism” in Kerala.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narsimha Rao told that “One can clearly make that this is a political terrorism unleashed by goons of the LDF with the blessings and support of the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. When the patronage of the Chief Minister is available to the goons and criminals, you can see the mayhem they can unleash.”

Rao criticized the murder of Remith who was 26 year old and a driver. He said that CPI-M led LDF is unleashing terror as it was discouraged by the rise of the BJP in Kerala.

“In the last five months, the assault by these murderers has been on the rise, the BJP is seen as a very potent political power which is on the threshold of major success in Kerala.”

“Unnerved by the BJP’s rise as well as to divert attention from the corruption that is visible in Kerala, these attacks are being orchestrated,” said Rao.

“The state government has not only failed to preserve law and order but actively participated to wreck it, we demand the LDF government and the Chief Minister to immediately hand over the murder probe to the CBI,” added Rao.

BJP has also called for a shutdown in Kerala on Thursday in order to protest against the killing.

After Vijayan took over the office, Four BJP and three CPI-M workers have been killed in Kannur district since May.

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