BJP Bihar chief Sanjay Jaiswal faces trouble from kin of liquor tragedy victims

Following the incident, Sanjay Jaiswal said that deaths due to poisonous liquor take place in those areas where it is not banned too.
Sanjay Jaiswal
Sanjay Jaiswal

Patna, Nov 9 : Distribution of Rs 5,000 each as compensation to family members of those who died in a liquor tragedy drew trouble for BJP’s Bihar state chief Sanjay Jaiswal in his home constituency West Champaran on Monday.

Contending Sanjay Jaiswal had evaluated the cost of one death as Rs 5,000, the angry villagers created a ruckus and forced Jaiwal and his supporters to leave immediately.

Sanjay Jaiswal, went to Telahua panchayat under Nautan police station on Monday to console the family members of deceased who died after consuming poisonous liquor on the day of Diwali. A total of 13 persons had died..

As he met family members of the deceased, his supporters handed over an envelope to each of them, asking them to open it only after Jaiswal leaves.

As a large number of villagers assembled at the houses of the deceased, they asked the family members to open the envelopes in front of the MP.

“As there was huge pressure, family members of the deceased opened the envelopes, and saw 10 currency notes of Rs 500 in it,” villager Radhe Shyam Singh told local media.

The villagers, after seeing the amount in the envelope, were incensed, and started shouting slogans against Jaiswal. As the situation started to turn ugly, Jaiswal got into his SUV and immediately left the village under protection of local police.

Sanjay Jaiswal‘s supporters, who had gone there in larger numbers, faced the heat of angry villagers, who pelted stones at them. Many of them had narrow escapes.

The villagers alleged that local administration was hand in glove with illegal operation of liquor manufacturing, sale, transportation and smuggling. They also alleged that the earning from liquor is being distributed from top to the bottom among administrative officers to leaders and ministers.

“Everyone knew about the nexus of liquor manufacturing in the region but they did nothing to prevent the activities of the mafia. When a liquor tragedy taked place in any part of the state, leaders like Sanjay Jaiswal reached there to mock the family members of deceased. Handing over Rs 5,000 is not a compensation but is like mocking the deaths,” another villager Yogesh Kumar said.

Following the incident, Sanjay Jaiswal said that deaths due to poisonous liquor take place in those areas where it is not banned too.

“We have taken the strongest possible action against the officials concerned. Over 600 police personnel have been terminated from their service. Culprits in any liquor tragedy would not be let off,” Sanjay Jaiswal said.

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