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BJP attacks Kejriwal for questioning EC’s independence



Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, Jan 23 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday accused the Election Commission of promoting bribery by banning him from telling people to take money from other parties but vote for the AAP.

Kejriwal’s letter to Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi comes after the poll panel censored him on Friday for violating the Model Code of Conduct and warning of stern action.

Kejriwal was accused of “deliberately and intentionally” instigating the public to take bribes for voting in the Goa assembly election of February 4.

“The allegation is baseless. The truth is I am trying to curb bribery. The whole nation knows the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was born to fight corruption and bribery and is committed to put an end to them,” Kejriwal wrote in his letter.

Kejriwal said he was not instigating people to take bribes.

“What wrong am I saying? If I asked them to vote for the same party that they take money from, that would be bribery. I am telling them not to vote for the party which gives them money,” he wrote.

“My statement will reduce bribery. When parties distributing money will realise that people won’t vote for them even after taking money, they will stop distributing money,” he added.

Kejriwal said the people of Delhi voted for AAP even after taking money from the Congress and the BJP and these parties would think twice before distributing money again as “they would feel it is of no use”.

“By stopping me from making my statement, the Election Commission is promoting bribery instead of curbing it. A Delhi court has also ruled that my statement doesn’t instigate anyone to take bribes,” he wrote.

Kejriwal said the Election Commission was trying for 70 years to prevent the use of money to lure voters but this had only gone up.

“If the Election Commission accepts my statement and advertises that people should not vote for parties that offer them money, I assure parties will stop distributing money in two years,” he said.

BJP attacks Kejriwal 

The BJP on Monday attacked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for questioning the independence of the Election Commission (EC).

“Kejriwal considers himself to be the chief justice of Indian politics and has declared that the EC is no more a body of integrity rather functions on the directions of the PMO. He says the EC has lost all its credibility,” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sambit Patra told the media.

Unhappy with the EC censuring him for his “bribery” remarks made while campaigning in Goa, Kejriwal has talked about contesting the order in a court. Later speaking to an English daily, he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “controlling” constitutional institutions including the EC.

Reprimanding the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader for violating the Model Code of Conduct, the EC warned of stern action against him.

Speaking at rallies in Goa on January 8, Kejriwal said people should not just accept Rs 5,000, but demand Rs 10,000 from politicians keen on offering them money, but vote for the AAP.

“EC is not the only institution attacked by Kejriwal. There is hardly any institution, whether it is the judiciary, EC, the Prime Minister, he has not attacked.

“Actually all this is a reflection of his frustration, he knows he has lost the polls even before the election has begin,” said Patra.

“Kejriwal had a dream of being the chief minister of Delhi on odd days, chief minister of Punjab on even days and Goa chief minister on holidays. On realising that his dream will not come true, he is frustrated and making such remarks,” Patra added.




Defence ministry was in dark about Rafale Deal: Kapil Sibal




New Delhi, Nov 14: Senior Congress Leader Kapil Sibal on Wednesday established facts about Rafale fighter jet deal.

Addressing a press conference over the statement of Dassault CEO Eric Trappier, Sibal said that the Union defence ministry of India was in dark about the biggest deal in the history of India’s defence purchase.

“Trappier says they entered into joint venture because they knew Reliance had land. Reliance applied for land on June 16, 2015. When they entered the joint venture, they didn’t even know that Reliance was going to apply for land”, the Congress leader added.

“Dassault CEO said they didn’t go with HAL because they didn’t have land… but HAL had applied for land. Also, HAL had lot of land in the vicinity of the airport in Bengaluru. So Mr Trappier’s statement isn’t true”.

Sibal further said that “Whether France has done Government to Government contract. How it is possible with Government officers are at one end and the company personnel at the other”.

If this is to be considered G2G then the old deal should have been scarped and new negotiations should have been called for, but this also did not happen. Thus everything is lie in Rafale Deal


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INLD chief expels son Ajay Chautala




Chandigarh, Nov 14: Taking a strong stance on the growing family feud within the INLD, party supremo Om Prakash Chautala expelled his elder son Ajay Singh Chautala from the primary membership of the party for “anti-party activities”.

The expulsion decision was announced by the Indian National Lok Dal state unit chief Ashok Arora here on Wednesday in the presence of senior party leaders and Ajay Chautala’s younger brother, Abhay Singh Chautala.

Arora read out a letter from Om Prakash Chautala, who is in Tihar Jail in the national capital, communicating his decision to all.

A meeting of the INLD leadership has been called here on November 17.

Hisar MP Dushyant Chautala and his younger brother, Digvijay Chautala, who are the sons of Ajay Chautala, were expelled from the primary membership on November 2 by their grandfather, bringing the bitterness within the Chautala clan out in the open.

Ajay Chautala, who was out of Tihar on parole, was touring various parts of Haryana to mobilise support for the party meeting and a rally he has called in Jind on November 17.

Reacting to the expulsion of Ajay Chautala, his son Digvijay Chautala said that the whole exercise was a “conspiracy” and the expulsion letter was “forged”.

Earlier, refusing to accept his expulsion, Dushyant had pointed out that neither has his expulsion order been issued officially by the INLD nor has the party’s national executive met to decide the issue.

Dushyant, who was also removed from the post of leader of the INLD Parliamentary Board, claimed that he had learnt about his ‘expulsion’ only through the media.

The INLD, which is Haryana’s main opposition party, could be heading for a split with the fight within the Chautala family spilling out into the open over the past few days.

Dushyant and Digvijay Chautala are the great-grandsons of former Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal.

The action follows activities of both youth leaders and their supporters when they tried to project Dushyant as the chief ministerial face in Haryana next year.

O.P. Chautala and his elder son, Ajay, were convicted in the JBT (junior basic teacher) recruitment scam in January 2013. Both were sentenced to 10 years’ in prison by a Central Bureau of Investigation court in Delhi.

Father and son have been barred from contesting elections due to the conviction.

The INLD has been managed by Chautala’s younger son Abhay Singh Chautala, who has been the leader of opposition in the Haryana Assembly, since then.


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Rajasthan BJP MP Harish Meena joins Congress




New Delhi, Nov 14: In a boost to the Congress ahead of the Rajasthan Assembly polls, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Hareesh Meena on Wednesday joined the Congress.

The Dausa MP and former Rajasthan Director General of Police, Meena was formally inducted into the party here in the presence of party leaders Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot.

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