BJP alliance will sweep Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam and Puducherry: JP Nadda

J P Nadda
BJP Senior Leader JP Nadda

Chennai, April 4 : The BJP-led alliance will win the Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam and Puducherry while the party will become a force to reckon with in Kerala after the elections, party President J.P. Nadda said on Sunday.

Addressing reporters here, Nadda said under the AIADMK’s leadership, the NDA will form the government in Tamil Nadu, as its people were very receptive of the issues raised by their alliance.

In West Bengal, the BJP is leading towards a victory as the ruling Trinamool Congress has “lost its mental balance” and in Assam, the party will retain power, he added.

Nadda said the people of Puducherry have been fed up with the Congress government led by V. Narayanasamy and the BJP, in alliance with the NR Congress, will form the government there.

About the party’s prospects in Kerala, he exuded confidence of doing good and becoming a formidable force in the state to influence the policies there.

“People (in Kerala) have has started supporting BJP,” he added.

Queried about the raids by the income tax officials at the residences and other premises of politicians in Tamil Nadu, Nadda said they were conducted based on the information received by the tax department.

He said the Congress went down in Tamil Nadu as it did not listen to the regional sentiments whereas the BJP understands the regional culture, aspirations, language and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken in the United Nations in Tamil, the oldest language.

Citing the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government led by Congress banning the Tamil Nadu’s traditional bull taming sport Jallikattu, Nadda said it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who allowed the sport by a notification.

He also pointed that the DMK was part of the UPA that banned Jallikattu.

The BJP leader wondered why DMK President M.K.Stalin did not condemn Karuppar Koottam that denigrated ‘Kanda Shasti Kavacham’, the prayer in favour of Lord Murugan, and claimed that the DMK did not respect the regional aspirations.

Citing Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka, Nadda said the Prime Minister had gone to war-torn Jaffna and the Indian government has built houses and temples for the internal war displaced Tamils here.

He said it was Congress which is communal, having alliance with Muslim League and others in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Assam whereas the BJP has no such alliance.

Terming Triple Talaq as anti-Muslim women, he listed out various Muslim majority nations including Pakistan and Bangladesh where it has been abolished. He said that the Supreme Court has said the Triple Talaq should go and a law has thus been passed.

Queried about the delay in setting up the AIIMS in Madurai, Nadda said there were some issues relating to building design, soil testing and land allotment.

He said work on AIIMS in Madurai will start soon as big projects need lots of clearances.


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