BJP against cap on election expenditure

bjp corporate donations

All political parties, except Bharatiya Janata Party have demanded a cap on expenditure during election campaigning by parties.

The BJP showed its opposition to capping election expenses of political parties and suggested that the Election Commission should instead moot for better transparency.

The key issue that was discussed at an all-party meeting with the Election Commission was the funding of political parties and if a limit should be imposed on the amount of money that parties can spend during an election campaign.

BJP general secretary Bhupendra Yadav said there should be no limitations on the election campaign spending.

Danish Ali representing JD-S, asked as to why the election commission didn’t cap the expenditure of political parties.

“There is a cap on individual expenditure but parties can spend any amount. The corporates fund the party in power, then how come it’s a level playing field for all? The commission must put a ceiling on party election expenditure if it wants a fair election,” Danish added.

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