Bihar: Video of bar dancers performing at BN College during “Saraswati Puja” goes viral

BN College

New Delhi, Jan 24: The Bihar National (BN) College in Patna has come on the receiving end of widespread criticism after a video showing scantily-dressed female dancers performing during the college’s Saraswati Puja celebrations on Monday, went viral today.

Here’s the videos:

College principal Raj Kishore Prasad on Tuesday lodged an FIR with the Pirbahore police station against the college hostel’s puja committee and served show-cause notices to the board members for organizing vulgar dance show by calling bar dancers in the name of ‘Devi Jagran’ on the day of Saraswati Puja.

While interacting with media, Prasad told that he was in the college at around 7.30pm on Monday, but the students told him they were organizing a small ‘Devi Jagran’. “I got to know about the bar dancers from the video that has gone viral today. I called on the Proctor and vice-chancellor as soon as I came to know about it and explained them about the incident. The college administration asked the hostellers about the incident, but they denied any such dance performance. We will not go soft on them and strict action will be taken against the students who were involved in this act. I have served show-cause notices to the hostellers and given them 36 hours to give explanations,” he said.

“Students have cheated the college administration and Patna University in the name of organizing a jagran and cultural programme. The college has constituted a five-member committee comprising Rajlaxmi, Ratan Kumar, SB Rai, Murari Sharan and GK Pallai to probe into the incident and report within three days,” the principal said.

PU vice-chancellor Rash Bihari Prasad Singh expressed shock over the incident. “I went to the college around 6 pm to attend the Saraswati Puja. I saw a stage and even asked the students what’s this for? They told me that it is for ‘Jagran’. They fooled me and will bear the consequences for what they have done.”

Meanwhile, Patna DM Kumar Ravi said the matter would be probed from all angles. “We are also trying to find out whether the policemen were also involved in this programme because in the video footage, there were some police personnel present there,” he said.

Former Patna College principal N K Choudhary called this act as cultural degeneration. “This has been happening on different college campuses for a long time and no efforts have been made by the university or the colleges to check such incidents,” he said.

Bihar National College, better known as BN College, is a 129-year-old institution of higher education located close to the historic Gandhi Maidan in central Patna.



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