Bihar congress asks for CBI probe in Srijan scam

Srijan scam

New Delhi, 23 August: Alleging the JDU-BJP government over Srijan scam the Bihar Congress asked for CBI probe into the matter.

Congress also slammed the government over its partial use of CBI, it said the government is using CBI according to its will. Congress party accused the Vice President of Kishan Morcha of BJP Bipin Sharma, saying that he was the master mind of the whole scam.

Doctor Ajay Kumar of Congress while asking for the resignation of chief minister Nitish Kumar and deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Modi said chief minister knows every single detail about the Srijan scam and still not taking any step because BJP has blackmailed him as it has evidence against him which can expose the image of MR.Clean.

Addressing media, he said Srijan was chaired  by Manorama Devi and as things came into the limelight it is suspected that she was well connected  to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and people related to CM Nitish Kumar.

Kumar questioned “Is it just a coincidence that most people involved are either close to BJP or JDU? If Nitish-Kumar- Sushil Modi Govt didn’t know anything about it how were people from BJP and JDU background involved?

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