Bihar: 2 Bombs found in Bodh Gaya, NIA begins probe

Bodh Gaya

Patna, Jan 20: At least two bombs were found at one of the emergency gates of the Maha Bodhi temple in Bihar’s Bodh Gaya on Friday late night. 

Additional forces of Central Reserve Police and Bihar Military Police have been deployed at the pilgrimage centre.

The news comes amid tight security measures in view of Tibetan religious guru Dalai Lama’s stay.

Lama is on his visit to the city since January 2.

According to district officials, a low intensity bomb blast had taken place near the site where the two crude bombs were recovered on Friday night, news agency IANS reported.

Police denied media reports that claimed the bombs were found inside the revered Mahabodhi temple.

“The explosive materials were found in the vicinity of the Kalachakra ground near the temple and kept far away from the temple,” Inspector General of Police, Patna Zone, N.H. Khan said.

A senior police official in Bodh Gaya said three suspected persons have been found roaming in Bodh Gaya.

Police will identify them soon, he asserted

“A team of NIA reached Bodh Gaya and visited the Mahabodhi temple to probe the incident,” a district police official said.

A forensic team from Patna was also in Bodh Gaya to investigate the matter.

“We have given all the information to the NIA team. And if it required more details, the state police will provide it,” a senior police officer camping in Bodh Gaya stated.

Significantly, the Mahabodhi temple complex had been the target of serial bomb blasts in July 2013, injuring five people, including two monks.


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