Biggest mistakes to avoid this Valentine’s Day !!!

Are you a big fan of Valentine’s Day? or your partner is a big fan of Valentine’s Day? Because if one of you is, you better be aware that the special day is just around the corner.

While the day can lead to some unforgettable memories, it does not come without some pitfalls that can make the day more stressful than sexy.

Keep these tips in your mind, and you can be sure that you are able to avoid some of the biggest downfalls of the day, and keep the focus on what is really important: The Love.

1.Make Sure You Have Reservations


2.Make sure you have a plan


3.Make sure you are ‘Prepared’


4.Don’t Blow Your Budget


5.Don’t Insult Valentine’s Day


6.Make sure you see her



7.Buy or Do Something Special For Hercook-min

8.Make sure you Shower 



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