Bigg Boss 14: Tujhse Hai Raabta actor Sehban Azim CONFIRMS being approached for the show

Bigg Boss 14 is round the corner and Sehban Azim reveals that he was indeed approached for the show
bigg boss 2020
bigg boss 2020

Bigg Boss 14 is one of the most anticipated reality shows of all time. The show is all set to premiere on October 3 and there are a lot of speculations around the contestants who will be entering the house.

TV actor Sehban Azim is seen in a new project which released today. The project is a bit different as it’s a short film.

Bigg Boss 14 is round the corner and the actor reveals that he was indeed approached for the show. “I did get a call from Bigg Boss 14, but I avoided it for the time being. I respect people who are a part of the show. It takes a lot of courage. I don’t think I have it in me.”

He goes on to explain, “I have told no to Bigg Boss as I don’t understand the show. I haven’t said no to reality shows in general. The thing is you (as a viewer) don’t know what is happening (in Bigg Boss). You don’t know where they will take the story and how much they are showing. They shoot for an entire day and show footage of only 30 minutes or so. The truth is sometimes very different. The makers show the viewers things that the viewers want to see. So while you are doing a reality show, in the end you are just a puppet because they will decide what they want to show.”

The actor adds, “In a TV show, I have to play a character. You give me a character from a show and I know that I have to play it. You give me a script and I will keep on playing it. That I understand. But if you tell me that you are Sehban and we will make you do things and we will put less salt in your food so that you react and get angry, that I don’t get. So they bring the actor to that level in which he/she feels troubled. So why do I get into that situation? I know fame and money are necessary but it’s not that necessary that I get into tough situations. I want to avoid it.”

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