‘Bigg Boss 13’: Sidharth Shukla down with typhoid

Sidharth Shukla

Mumbai, Dec 5 : Actor Sidharth Shukla, who has been wooing the audience with his strong game in the ongoing season of “Bigg Boss”, is not well. He has been diagnosed with typhoid.

According to a source, Sidharth is on proper medication and has been instructed by the doctors to take proper rest.

“He is under proper supervision. The makers are taking proper care of his food and other facilities,” the source added.

After getting to know about Sidharth’s ill health, fans took to social media and wished for his speedy recovery.

“Hat’s Off to Sid. He is suffering from Typhoid still he is playing with the same energy and positivity,” a user tweeted.

“Sidharth is down with typhoid from past few days but still fighting alone. He is the strongest contestant on the show,” another social media user tweeted.

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