Bigg Boss 12, Day 61, Written Update:Shivashish insults Bigg Boss, All gets nominated for elimination except Romil

New Delhi, Nov 16 : Shivashish insulted Biggboss and the Captain orders while BIgg Boss nominated all the members of the house for elimination except Romil .As usual all the members of the house started accusing Sreesanth for not advising Shivashish.Sreesanth has been the target of all the members because they are aware that he is the strongest one but the emotional one and can be provoked with a small issue. Everyone is indulging in giving a bad name to Sreesanth for no reason

As Romil won the captaincy task , he was asked to nominate three contestants to send to the kaalkothri. This time instead of unanimously deciding on the names, Bigg Boss announced that the captain will decide who he wants to send to the kaalkothri on the basis of who broke the maximum rules.Bigg Boss announced that Romil will decide three contestants whom he wanted to nominate for kaalkothri ki sazaa.
Romil’s decided to send Megha, for the ugly fight between her and Deepak.

Shivashish was nominated for threatening Deepak with a fight and his aggression. Shivashish disagreed and refused to take the ticket.

While the third nominated member was Surbhi . She said she wants to go to the jail and started littering in the house.
Seeing the disrespectful attitude of Shivashish,Bigg Boss announced that the entire house will face the consequences by getting nominated for eliminations this week. Romil however will remain safe considering he’s the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss warned the housemates to comply by what the captain decides, otherwise the consequences would be harsh and it will impact everyone. However, Shivashish remained adamant and said he’ll not to go to kaalkothri.

Shivashish is likely to be suspended on Saturday for the bad behaviour . But Deepak adds fuel to the fire by wrongly accusing Shivashish of showing of his rich stature , which Shivashish has never said verbally or has shown off.
Deepak is always seen criticisng everyone and trying to play the card of a sympathy by accusing every celebrity and the others of belonging to a rich background

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