Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Zubair Khan files complaint against Salman Khan

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New Delhi, Oct 9: As if the ongoing drama on the latest season of Bigg Boss was not enough, we now get to learn that one of the contestants Zubair Khan, who was evicted from the house yesterday(Sunday), has reportedly filed a complaint against the show’s host Salman Khan for threatening him.

For those who did not follow what exactly happened, Salman lost his cool at Zubair in Bigg Boss 11’s first Weekend Ka Vaar, which aired on Saturday (October 9). The reason behind Salman’s attitude or behaviour was the fact that Zubair has been constantly using inappropriate language in the house, especially against women. He has been threatening people to not tick him off as he can be dangerous. The superstar even called Zubair a “fraud” in reference to the latter’s claims that he was Haseena Parker’s son-in-law.

“Tumne aise kaun sa kuch kar diya hai life mein? Wo jo tumhara interview dekha tha sab jhooth hai. Ye kisi ka damaad nahi hai. Fraud hai ye,” Salman was heard saying on the Bigg Boss 11 first Weekend Ka Vaar, which aired on October 7.

Now if a report in Hindustan Times is anything to go by, Zubair Khan, the contestant who was evicted in the first week from the Bigg Boss house, has apparently filed a case against host Salman Khan. The complain has been registered at the Lonavala police station of Mumbai. Zubair claims that Salman threatened him that he would not be able to work in the industry anymore once he leaves the house.

The complaint further reads that Salman made statements like “I will make you my dog. Will see you after you leave the home.”

Despite single eviction, two contestants’ journey came to end on Bigg Boss 11 after the first week. The first was Zubair Khan (as per weekly eviction procedure) and the other was former Splitsvilla contestant Priyank Sharma. In Saturday night’s episode, Salman reprimanded Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma for getting abusive and hitting Akash Dadlani. Though Salman believed that Akash’s actions were uncalled for, he said Priyank’s behavior was unacceptable and unpardonable, which is why he was asked to leave the house.

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