Big firms not hiring women as cyber security officers: Report

San Francisco, Dec 11: When it comes to jobs in the growing cyber security industry, there is a massive gender crisis, as 87 per cent of the chief information security officer (CISO) roles are held by men at Fortune 500 firms, a report revealed. 

As per the international market research firm Forrester, the CISO role is dominated by male employees. While Fortune 20 companies fare a bit worse, with only two female CISOs within that cohort.

“Calling a discrepancy this large a gender gap is a clear understatement. This is an emergency signal warning us that the cybersecurity industry has major issues welcoming, developing, and promoting female cybersecurity talent,” news agency IANS quoted, Jeff Pollard, a Principal Analyst was saying.

“It’s difficult to sympathise with those claiming talent shortage challenges when roughly half of the population is so
underrepresented,” he further asserted.

Out of Fortune 500 companies, 45 per cent CISOs have MBAs, demonstrating the growing need for CISOs to understand, share and think on business terms despite technology backgrounds.

Only 11 per cent of Fortune 500 CISOs list a military background, with only 4 per cent previously employed by law enforcement, the report pointed.

“Fortune 500 CISOs have longer tenure than expected at four years, which is plenty of time to strategise, develop plans, execute, and look ahead to the next step in their career path,” it added.

It was discovered, that nearly 59 per cent of CISOs were external hires with that number jumping to 64 per cent in Fortune 100 companies.


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