BHU Protest: VC didn’t play his part in controlling situation says NCW chairman Rekha Sharma

NCW CHIEF Rekha Sharma
NCW CHIEF Rekha Sharma

Cases of molestation and eve teasing in BHU (Benaras Hindu University) has made NCW(National commission for Women) to interfere in the matter.

After a long protest and its suppression by the state the NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma said,”There were many issues but girls wanted to talk peacefully.Protest took another turn when it was hijacked by outsiders.”

On the unfavourable conditions of girl student in BHU the chairperson told that we found eve-teasing is rampant in campus, even campus’ boys get involved. We have told DC to send legal-aid for sensitization.
She also said,”We asked authorities to increase security near Naveen Hostel, the condition around which is terrible.”

Meanwhile in an announcement on curfew timings for boys and girls Rekha Sharma said that a Decision to be taken in a day or two and the timings would be same for both boys & girls.

Ensuring a secure environment in the campus she announced installation of Special security cameras deploy forces in campus for few days.

She also asked girls help in making a list of that few boys, who are staying illegally in BHU hostels.
Answering a question if she had any talks with BHU VC the chairman said,”VC neither met me nor picked calls. He’ll be summoned to Delhi. He didn’t play his part in controlling situation.”

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