Demonetization is not the solution for black money: Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh

The key organizations affiliated to RSS such as BMS, BKS and SJM, have now come up with the inconvenience caused by demonetization to ordinary people throughout the country.

Officials of these organizations, who have been facing tough times since the move has started, raised doubts on whether the move would address the root cause of black money. As many labourers have queued up for cash, many farmers are not able to do even that as they are in the middle of sowing season.

President Baij Nath Rai told media sources that this sudden move have failed miserably to address the root cause of black money and the country’s economy is suffering big time as people are forced to leave work and queue up for cash, especially the labour class.

However, the move is well intentioned; the implementation wasn’t done in a right way. Public supports the idea of eradicating black money and counterfeit money from the system but, the idea is very difficult to translate into practical lines. “Aam janta ko kasht ho raha hai”, everyone is feeling that.

Government’s estimation of replacing demonetized notes in a month seems impossible to us. It may take much longer. Daily wagers are in queue now and the work is suffering. Government said that it was planning for this move since 10 months, however it doesn’t look like a well planned step.  Further Rai told media that “we are constantly talking to the government, conveying people’s views on this to them.”

Those who are having black money are using this move as an opportunity. As per the media sources and the calculations among the exchequer at the banks, the ratio of common men is less than 40%. Around 60% people exchanging someone else’s black money to white. A major question asked by the public is “have you seen any bureaucrat in the queue? The whole country has lined up and especially middle class and lower class people. Does the government think that all the black money lies with common man and lower class people?

Though there will be some benefit to some extent, but will it stop generation of black money? I have doubts about that,” Rai said. The BMS president added that the notes recall will have little impact on the labour class as it would not increase his wages or decrease market prices.

The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, welcomed the government’s move but added that its implementation could have been better especially for the farmers caught in the crucial sowing period.

The calibration of this move could have been better than this especially in the case of ATMs. Farmers are facing a lot of difficulty, especially because it is sowing time across the country — both in North India and South India. The farmer cannot just now leave the sowing to queue up for money and when he does make time for it, he finds banks and ATMs have run out of cash. Banks should have been better prepared there should be provision for food and water outside banks for people queuing up. Also better security is needed. This is a good initiative and farmers will be manage to meet this crisis another 15 days or so but the ATM issue is a problem. We are hoping that the farmer will ultimately benefit from the government following the black money mop up and the government earmarks greater relief for farmers,” Mohini Mohan Mishra, senior executive committee member of BKS told media.

RSS-affiliated organisations are generally tapped by the government for ground level feedback and ministers are in touch with them to understand the public mood.
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