BharatBandh: BJP’s farm bills remind one of East India Company’s reign, says Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi

Supporting the nationwide Bharat Bandh called by farmers’ organisation on Friday to protest against the farm bills, Congress general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi hit out at the BJP-led NDA government, saying that the bills remind one of East India Company’s reign.

“MSP will be snatched and farmers will be enslaved by the billionaires. They will neither get price nor honour. Farmers will become labourers in their own fields,” she said in a Twitter post. “We will not let this injustice (with farmers) happen,” she added.

In another post, she said that the passage of farm bills has changed the meaning of MSP from ‘Minimum Support Price’ to ‘Maximum Support in Profit’ for capitalists. “Where will the farmer go,” she added.

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