Bharat Bachao Rally: If we don’t speak up, Constitution will be destroyed says Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi said, “One who doesn’t fight against injustice in the country will be judged as a coward. If we remain silent, our Constitution will be destroyed and country’s division will start
Priyanka Gandhi on CAB

Those who do not fight for justice will be remembered as cowards, said Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi said at a massive rally at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Saturday.

Addressing Bharat Bachao Rally – first mega rally organised by the grand old party after Lok Sabha polls debacle, Priyanka said, “If we remain silent today, our revolutionary Constitution which was drafted by Ambedkar will be destroyed.”

“This country belongs to us. It is our moral duty to save the country,” she said amid a thunder of applause and clapping.

Remembering his father, former PM of India Rajiv Gandhi, Priyanka said there is injustice around.

“I would ask the citizens of this country to raise their voice. If you love this country, become its voice. If we do not raise our voice, if we stay back in the darkness of fear our Constitution will be destroyed,” she asserted.

In her first rally in Delhi after being elected as the general secretary of the party, Priyanka attacked PM Modi and BJP government for the economic slowdown. Taking a swipe at Modi she said, “In every bus stop, every newspaper, it is publicised – it’s possible with Modi. But the fact is that in the BJP regime onions are being sold ₹100 per kg, unemployment is at its worst in 45 years and four crores jobs have been destroyed by the Modi government. It is possible only in the BJP regime”.

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